It’s the end of the world (as we know it and why we should all feel fine) Ok, so I turn to music when things aren't looking too good and the simple fact is that a lot of us don't feel fine right now.

People everywhere are in all sorts of pain, emotional, physical, financial, societal, you name it, but that doesn't mean we have to abandon our humanity or our hope.

So what do we think should sustain us in these dark days? What should we be doing to get through this and where should we look for guidance and maybe even salvation?

  1. Science, follow the facts - forget the merchants of doom, the false prophets and the pols with a re-election looming...this is a virus, a naturally occurring phenomena that has been released from the wild and needs to be addressed and combated as such. It's not the first, think bubonic plague, measles, smallpox, so called Spanish flu (which didn't originate there), Ebola, SARS, MERS etc...all naturally occurring, all down through the ages and all defeatable with science and fact-based approaches.
  2. Practice physical distancing NOT social distancing – yes, keep your distance but what a a time when we need people to stick together, metaphorically. Don't go out unless you need to, stay at least 2 metres (6 feet) away from others but do not lose the human connection...check in on friends, family, colleagues by phone, text, email, whatever, but reach out and just be there!
  3. Do the right thing – don't be that jerk...don't hoard, don't point fingers (plenty of time for that later!), assist when and where you can, just try and be a decent human being, don't do it for the glory, that belongs to the real heroes of this situation, the medical and frontline staffers all over the world, you know who they are so never missed an opportunity to thank them.

​Reasons to be cheerful?​

Again with the musical references, this time courtesy of my dad and Gen P (for Punk)!

  1. People are recovering, a minor ray of hope at this stage as it is unclear if they can be re-infected but it seems possible, even likely that these individuals may have developed an immunity and that will not only help them but also ongoing medical research.
  2. A vaccine will arrive but we need to make sure that happens! When SARS erupted, it was the end of the world (as they knew it!) massive medical resources were diverted into finding a vaccine. In the interim, the infection was bought under control and the world relaxed. Sadly, the effort to complete work on a vaccine was never completed. Why? Probably because no-one stood to gain financially from it. We need to ensure that those charged with public health are resourced up to fulfill their mission...simple half measures this time.
  3. Message of hope for a better it too much to wish for? Do I just want to see the silver lining in all of this rather than the stark reality that is playing out before us? I'd like to believe that as with so many disasters throughout time, there will be a realignment, that we will all realize that we need each other and that the systems, behaviours and values which have consumed us and the modern world need to be reassessed and redrawn. I know many in this community who believe this could be that time.

Imagine ;-)

I will leave you with what I believe to be the singularly most valuable website and source of fact-based information you will need. It has everything you need to know and see and will guide your view of how things are developing as we move through this momentous period in human history.

Hold on to your memories of this time, we may well need them again.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak Global Cases Monitor
The coronavirus COVID-19 monitor provides up-to-date data for the global spread of coronavirus.
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