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Ok, you made the switch, ditched your Windows or Mac desktop/laptop and migrated to Linux? Great start! Maybe you got a Pixel Phone and actually went ahead and installed GrapheneOS? If so you would have made a big step toward privacy and a less spied upon life, congrats! And as we all know Android has no real tablet presence to speak off that you can modify to run Linux on, and let's face it, it lost the war for tablets to iPad years ago.

However, he question remains how do I get my tablet on to Linux? Now that is a pretty great question, and we have seen Pine64 which took on a great and affordable tablet that runs Linux. And until now, that was pretty much all you could do. Well, if you are a geek you probably could somehow get Linux running on a Microsoft Surface or some other tablet. But this will never be a tablet that runs perfectly with 5G! 5G? I hear you saying!!! Not even Apple has a 5G iPad, they might release one soon, but so far you can’t get one in the store.

True though this is, this is where JingPad A1 comes in! The First Linux 5G Tablet! So, first what is Jing? Jing is an open-source Linux distribution made for touch screens and it is heavily influenced by iPadOS when it comes to design.


Unisoc Tiger T7520 system on chip powers the JingPad A1, a 8-core SoC with four ARM Cortex-A75 cores clocked at 2 GHz, and the remaining four are Cortex-A55 cores clocked at 1.8 GHz. The GPU is an 800 MHz PowerVR GM9446 also found on the MediaTek Helio P90.


The display is a standout! At the front, there’s an 11-inch 2K AMOLED display with 2,368×1,728 pixels resolution, which, the company claims, covers over 109% of NTSC colour space. The OS looks pretty much like an iPad and the 4:3 ratio aspect of the JingPad A1 looks very much like an iPad Air/Pro. The back is made with Coning’s Gorilla Glass.

The tablet comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB onboard storage. The battery is an 8000 mAh cell. An 8MP fronts camera and a 16MP rear camera is making these Tablets pretty cool as a daily tablet drive. But it gets cooler, it has a pen support and a keyboard support.

„Linux tablet with cellular support for the first time
It’s so important for a tablet to be online all the time. JingPad comes with a 5G/4G chip. It is the first time, a 5G ultimate mobile work station comes to the Linux world!“

This all sounds pretty exciting and even more exciting is that it marks the date when we see Linux becoming a daily drive, not just on desktops and laptops, but on tablets and cellphones too.

Looking forward to learning more about this new developmen and will make sure you guys are the first I share my findings with.Product review by

Stay safe and get to Linux ;)

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