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Mozilla has started a campaign about how to UNFCK the internet. As much as this sounds like a great idea and has an honorable mention of some tools, we do not agree with all of the options. Especially as we actually want to show you ways and tools to really UNFCK the internet. In fact, we can maybe even FCK some of the establishment by helping you  use tools that make sense, don’t trace or charge you and will make a difference to you and your friends.

Jumbo is mentioned on Mozilla’s website and whilst this might sound like a good option I would start with NextDNS or any DNS level blocker which filters ads, trackers and spy providers at the DNS level and encrypts your internet.

Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 2.1.1 - DNS - NextDNS (revised)
Almost a year ago we published a Privacy Cookbook chapter about NextDNS. Theyhave improved, we have used it on our phone and even the routers so it deservesan update. NextDNS is easy to set up and works on every device regardless, Linux, Mac,Windows, iOS or Android. And the best of all is that y…

Next on the list is Signal, and we agree that Signal is great as your WhatsApp or Messenger replacement, in fact, it should be the go-to tool for most of your contacts. But we'd like to add Element on this occasion as it is even one more step up when it comes to privacy. No telephone number needed or attached and you can chose to host your own instance or server.

If you're looking for the perfect video conference tool, Jitsi Meet should be your daily drive, it is already fully integrated into Element, so no need to install it as a separate client. And, as you know, Jitsi Meet is reachable via your browser and again you can host it or chose your own instance.

Medium is next on Mozilla’s list and I am kinda going "hmm...why?" Medium has a great paywall or whatever it is called these days and is a pretty good way to write and maybe even to social connect, but it is one of the tools I would personally replace with, same thing, more privacy and freedom. If you want to tell your own story, try or maybe post on both and if you are writing about privacy, decentralization, cryptocurrency or the blockchain, I am sure would be more than happy to have you as a writer! :-)

Guidance for contributing writers
Guidance for contributing writersWe are always looking for quality content. Our contributing writers come from avariety of backgrounds, cultures and professions. And whilst some arespecialists in their own fields, be it cyber-security, programming or asdevelopers, others are authors, journalists…

Next up is ProtonMail, and yes, it is a great option when it comes to email, however, it would definitely be worth reading the cookbook chapter on Email.

Pocket...sure! Let's advertise Mozilla's own products and build it into the browser even though no-one asked for it. Personally I would replace this with wallabag.

When it comes to social networking and connecting with others I would highly recommend Mastodon. If people who you like to follow on Twitter don’t have a Mastodon account, you can always follow them via Nitter or even via RSS, as an example look at

As a website operator you'll probably want to know who visits you and at least some basic stats, but when it comes to ANALytics, and I can not stress this enough, stay away from Google! There is a great tool available called Plausible and that’s all you need when it comes to stats on your site, all collected without invading the privacy of your readers. This has all been covered the Privacy Cookbook and listed a few other great privacy friendly solutions.

Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 9.0 - Analytics
As a regular reader of the you’ll know that I’m not a fan ofanything that invades your privacy, sells your data and tracks your every move.Sadly, most websites take the easy way out when it comes to stats and chooseGoogle ANAL-ytics! But you know you can actually run analytics…

As a bonus, maybe UNFCK your operating system as well and chose Linux as your daily drive. We've reviewed some great options here in the past.

Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 6.2 - PCs, Desk & Laptops - Linux distros for beginners
Many of today’s internet users are on Windows and the rest are on Mac (truish!).And Mac is great, of course, when you also have an iPhone but then you’reprobably too far down the rabbit hole to get out. Windows, on the other hand, isso so deep that even rabbit couldn’t find it’s way out! We co…
Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 6.4 - PCs, Desk & Laptops - Tails
We started this Chapter with Windows and with Mac, explaining how to harden andsecure both of these operating systems as much as practical, then spiced it upwith a look at toughening Linux (ok, a bit technical but necessary as the way toa more private and secure Linux OS) BUT... these might not …
Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 6.5 - PCs, Desk & Laptops - QubesOS
As I’ve mentioned before, Linux is the way to go when you don’t want to be spiedon by your laptop. Perhaps you’d like Tails, as described in a previous sectionof this Chapter, if you are paranoid and don’t care that you don’t have a OSwhere you can boot up and continue from where you left off. N…
Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 6.8 - PCs, Desk & Laptops - ZorinOS
After Chapter 6.2 of the Privacy Cookbook, covering Linux distros for beginners,was published, I got some feedback over mastodon and through email that I hadmissed a really easy way to switch Linux distro called ZorinOS. A situation Iwill now address in this new section to Chapter 6. Well, I mus…
Privacy Cookbook Chapter 6.8.1- PCs, Desk & Laptops - Pop_OS!
To date, I’ve covered a few great Linux distros from privacy orientated to ‘forbeginners’ setups. Today, I want to look into Pop!_OS for more then one reason. Firstly, it kicks of a series of reviews and articles about a company calledSystem76, a US based company that makes some hardcore Linux d…
Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 6.8.2 - PCs, Desk & Laptops - EndeavourOS
In today’s edition of the Privacy Cookbook I want to go back to Linux and itsdistros. I have gotten a lot of feedback about the previous Linux recommendation and whyI didn’t mention Arch. Well, I did mention Manjaro though, which is based onArch, and is an easy to use, beginner friendly, very co…

Mozilla Firefox is an infinitely better option than Google Chrome when it comes to privacy, but even when it then comes to browsers, you still have options.

Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 3.5 - Firefox browser security update
Today’s Privacy Cookbook entry takes us back to browsers For reasons of privacy, I have long been a Firefox user and I’ve even publisheda chapter on how to make Firefox a better, more privacy focused browser. Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 3.4 - Browser SecurityToday’s Privacy Cookbook isallabout b…

As mentioned before, replace YouTube with Invidious, or on Android perhaps you can use Newpipe and if you are starting your own channel, or just really want to go away and UNFCK yourself, consider PeerTube.

Invidious is an alternative front-end to YouTube. Contribute to iv-org/invidious development by creating an account on GitHub.
PeerTube is a decentralized video hosting network, based on free/libre software. Join the federation and take back control of your videos!

I highly recommend that everyone who has Netflix watch The Social Dilemma, it is eye opening when it comes to what social media is doing and why they offer free services! A must watch!

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So stay safe and go UNFCK yourself!

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