I know we are a little late to the party on this one but better late than never! DT just wanted to let you all know about a forthcoming virtual event taking place in March. We think it would be easier and better for the organisers to explain things in their own words:

LibrePlanet is the annual conference hosted by the Free Software Foundation. LibrePlanet provides an opportunity for community activists, domain experts, and people seeking solutions for themselves to come together in order to discuss current issues in technology and ethics. The theme for LibrePlanet 2021 is Empowering Users.
Over our thirty-five years of campaigning for freedom, the Free Software Foundation has seen countless people start to adopt free "as in freedom" software as a tool to affect meaningful change in their communities. When users have the freedom to study, change, share, and contribute to the software that they depend on, they are empowered to take charge of their own digital lives.
In the face of the novel coronavirus, we have been inspired by people in the free software movement banding together to show how technology can make us safer and keep us connected without compromising our freedoms. Our work has been motivated by seeing people help others move away from proprietary tools that embrace corporate control and government bulk surveillance. Movements like this help build a future that empowers users and their communities rather than the harmful business models of monopolistic proprietary software companies.
We're inviting everyone to share and learn from the experiences of compelling individuals and panels who are effecting change and advancing the movement. Please join us, and have your voice heard during these vital conversations on free software’s role in empowering users.
Due to health concerns relating to COVID-19, LibrePlanet 2021 will be held online this year on March 20-21, 2021.

Full details are available at https://libreplanet.org/2021/

For registration see: https://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/register-for-libreplanet-2021-and-help-us-to-empower-users

Hopefully, we will be able to run some spin-off articles once the event has concluded.

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