Crypto-maverick announces second tilt at the US Presidency by declaring he can't win so don't vote for him!

This was the introduction to a piece we posted a couple of years ago regarding tech genius, John McAfee. Sadly, since that time, John has left us with the circumstances of his demise still in dispute.

Despite this, the legal proceedings against his estate and associates have continued, with a verdict announced this last week versus one of John's business associates.

Jimmy Gale Watson, a former colleague of John, was punished for being compensated to promote ICOs that resembled pump-and-dump schemes, according to an SEC ruling.

John McAfee’s Associate Fined by SEC for ICO Promotions
An ‘executive consultant’ of the “McAfee Team”—was charged with money laundering and securities fraud.John McAfee is said to have committed

I miss him!

OG article continues...

Most  famous professionally for being the creator of the first commercially successful antivirus software through his company McAfee Associates, he  is probably better known for his flamboyant personal life as well as  his recent forays into cryptocurrency advocacy and the world of politics.

Before  we take a look at his platform for this year's upcoming US Presidential election, let's just touch on a few McAfee highlights from recent years:

In  November 2012, he fled Belize, where he had lived for a number of years, after being named as a 'person of interest' in the murder of an American expat, who had been living next door to him. After his location was disclosed as Guatemala, ironically after a pic was posted with its geolocation data intact, he was detained and deported back to the USA.

During a furious online debate in 2017, McAfee issued his now infamous claim that:

One question has to be 'what does he have against his duck?', but maybe that's for another day!

And within the last few months​, he and his wife, Janice, were forced into 'exile' following a clash with the USA's IRS. This in turn led to subsequent attempts to entrap him and his party, with further moves from Cuba to the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico ensuing, with their current whereabouts unclear.

Given his chequered past and current legal limbo, can someone such as John McAfee actually be allowed to stand for the Presidency of the USA?  And is he? It all appears to tie back to his platform.......

The first  thing to establish is his eligibility to 72 he is old enough (the threshold is 35) and despite being born in England, he still qualifies as the offspring of a US serviceman based there just after the end of the Second World War.

Can  he stand whilst being pursued for tax evasion amongst other  things?....well, probably not on the face of it, but one of the central  tenets of his broad platform is to fundamentally question the right of nation-states to collect taxes from its citizenry in the first place.........denying McAfee's eligibility to stand actually provides him with the soapbox he desires to further explain his agenda......thus,  in part, his 'don't vote McAfee' slogan (which should be by-lined 'but do hear what I have to say').

Can he run whilst in voluntary exile........that is problematic to say the least!

In 2016, McAfee stood for the Presidential candidacy of the Libertarian Party in the made sense, it' was his 'natural' home......the party broadly espouses the joint positions of fiscal conservancy and  liberal morality. Small government and big personal responsibility. He failed in his bid and wasn't slow to make his feelings about the eventual winners and the party leadership known at the time and since........which probably doesn't put him is good stead with a  subsequent pitch to the party faithful this time around.

I guess he just doesn't play well with others, but love him or loathe him  and he is an abrasive maverick but he's not afraid to call the fools out, to speak truth to power or question every aspect of a world order that has led us to where we are today........bankrupt - morally & financially, on the edge of WW3 and facing the possibly existential threat of extinction through climate change.

So  there you have it, the man and the manifesto.......all clear and  concise...........or so we thought until the following broke a few days  ago........John McAfee with further pronouncements on his 2020 platform  and we have to advise that some of these are not for the we'll just place the link-up here and leave you with the decision whether you look or's the freedom of choice that John McAfee would want for you.......

'McAfee comes from behind'

This article contains the personal opinions of the author, not necessarily those of the publication.

POST PUBLICATION NOTE: After the publication of this article on January 4th here on Decentralize Today, the man himself conducted a live interview with Dr Kap and  Cryptoramble, two members of the Particl communications team,  called' 'John McAfee Uncut & Uncastrated' - A Part-Time Show and Cryptoramble Production

You can hear the whole thing on the link below.'s hilarious and outrageous!!!:

John McAfee Uncut & Uncastrated - A Part-Time Show and Cryptoramble Production
John McAfee: Unfiltered, Uncensored, Uncut and Uncastrated. 45 minutes raw with the world’s most wanted man. Dr Kap of the Part Time Show and Cryptoramble present an uncensored showcase: This is the i

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