Hi, I'm Miguel Cuneta. I'm mostly known as a co-founder at Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI),  one of the first Bitcoin startups in the Philippines. After falling into that never-ending Bitcoin rabbit hole in 2013, we didn't hesitate  and dove right in into the unknown. We started as a payment processor but within six months, we had six different ventures in the Bitcoin industry, from an order-book exchange to a photo-sharing contest site that gave away Bitcoins

We pioneered the "Rebittance" or Bitcoin remittance industry, with a service called Rebit.ph, which allowed Bitcoin users to send money to anyone in the Philippines. Our other services are buybitcoin.ph, a bitcoin brokerage, and bitbit.ph, a mobile money and crypto wallet. During these early days I also founded the Bitcoin Organization of the Philippines which lobbied for favorable regulations for the industry, eventually leading to SCI receiving one of  the first Philippine Central Bank-issued Virtual Currency Exchange  licenses.

Even though my company in the Philippines is a regulated and centralized service, I also play an active advisory role for Particl.io, a project building an open decentralized marketplace using its own  open-source blockchain implementation built on bitcoin codebase, with  focus on privacy.

As the Chief of Business Development (CBD!) at Decentralize.Today, I'm in charge of the business side of the publication. But what I really am is a story-teller. At SCI, I have given dozens of university talks, corporate lectures, and conference appearances in the Philippines and internationally about Bitcoin and Blockchain, as well as numerous appearances as a subject matter expert on TV, print, radio, and even international documentaries on the subject. I want to use the DT platform to tell the story of decentralization, privacy, blockchains, cryptocurrency, and more.

My personal beliefs are still closely tied to the original ethos of Bitcoin — the belief that an open, permissionless, borderless, and decentralized world is the ideal for which we should all strive.

I believe that education will be the most important tool to achieve this mission, hence our mission with  decentralize.today is to reach, educate, and in the process, also entertain as many people as possible about the great potential of this technology and this philosophy.

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