Michael Terpin‘s global network of cryptocurrency investors is helping to grow the blockchain ecosystem through community events is kicking off BitAngelsVirtual Events. During the pandemic, this network of cryptocurrency and blockchain participants will now remain connected and engaged in a virtual online environment, as the Coronavirus pandemic prevents in-person gatherings.

Currently, the global community of BitAngels members already has 15 city chapters in multiple countries.

“In the best interest of BitAngels chapters worldwide, we’re putting in-person meetings on hiatus and returning to our roots as a virtual network founded in 2013,” said Michael Terpin, founder of BitAngels. “These virtual events will allow entrepreneurs to continue to update investors and community members, keeping the global BitAngels community active and thriving through these uncertain times.”

The brainchild of industry leaders Michael Terpin and David Johnston, BitAngels launched in 2013 as the world’s first angel network for digital currency startups. Today, 15 chapters have held in-person meetings, as well as regular online collaboration among investor members, with dozens of companies funded by BitAngel members over the past seven years. Chapters are led by City Leaders, who are tasked with selecting startups to participate and managing each event.

BitAngels Virtual Events will be hosted online in a similar format to in-person BitAngels chapter meetings. During each event, 3-5 companies will present, followed by a keynote speech or panel to discuss current events and industry trends. Anyone is welcome to join each live virtual event, and BitAngels investor members will have access to view each recording afterwards.

In addition, a VIP monthly event hosted by BitAngels HQ will highlight three top-tier companies that were nominated by BitAngels’ global network of city leaders. These events will be open only to BitAngels investor members, who may view the live event or the recording afterwards. The first BitAngels Virtual Event hosted by HQ will take place on April 9, 2020. A full schedule of virtual events for individual chapters will also be listed on the BitAngels website. To learn more and register for an upcoming event, please visit BitAngels.

Article first published on the Blockchain, reproduced here with the kind permission of Richard Kastelein www.the-blockchain.com