DT Intro: We published a chapter on the Decloudus DNS service just last week in the Privacy Cookbook. The link is below. Now we have received this update from them on some new features and enhancements that we now want to share with you.

Dear subscriber,

We are pleased to announce that we just completed the Major Release for October 2021. DeCloudUs reached a big milestone of operating DNS servers globally and giving users the choice of selecting specific server location to use. This release also saw other major enhancements detailed below.

- Added DeCloudUs DNS servers in the USA. DeCloudUs DNS users are from all over the world; the closer the user is to a server location, the faster the DNS service will be. Previously, DeCloudUs only operated DNS servers in Germany. With additional DeCloudUs DNS servers operating in the USA, users in the Western Hemisphere will see DNS responses up to 80% faster. It is important to note that DeCloudUs DNS servers, regardless of location, have the same strict privacy policy. Since DeCloudUs DNS ONLY supports encrypted DNS protocols, it is simply impossible for any entity to know what DNS queries are you making to DeCloudUs DNS servers in any country or location.

- Added the ability for users to restrict their DNS traffic to a specific location. Starting Oct 22nd, by default, your DNS traffic will automatically be routed to the DeCloudUs DNS server location closest to you . The default setting ensures optimal DNS speed and availability. If servers in one location experience a failure or prolonged outage, the default setting automatically routes your DNS traffic to a different server location that is operational. However, if you have a strong preference to restrict your DNS traffic to only one specific location, we added the ability for you to easily do that. While we highly recommend you leave the default settings as-is for optimal DNS service, to set a specific location for your DNS servers, simply visit your Servers List page and change the setting via the "Manage Location" section.

- Added the ability to do one-time direct invoice payments via Stripe when automatic payment fails. There are countries (such as India) and some banks that reject automated subscription payments and require direct one-time payments. To solve this problem, when an automatic payment fails, we provide the user with a link to make a direct one-time invoice payment that satisfies the restrictions placed by these countries and banks. This is specific to Stripe being the payment method.

- Enhanced the Apple mobile config generator tool and clarified the instructions. We noticed that some browsers were downloading the mobileconfig files as txt, so we modified the tool to ensure it always downloads with .mobileconfig extension. We also clarified some of the instruction steps with better screenshots.

To make it easier to see Major Releases summaries, we added a section in the Status page that you can access anytime: https://decloudus.com/status.html

As always, if there are any questions, issues, or feedback, please feel free to reply back.

Best regards,

Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 2.5 - DNS - Decloudus DNS
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