This week we decided that since we are now starting to feature podcasts on the site, it would be appropriate for us to go open-source and decentralized for its hosting because as you've probably realised we are really into both of these!

Just a couple or three weeks ago we started publishing the Part-Time Show Podcast featuring Dr Kapil Amarasinghe, and it is an hell of a good listen! If you haven't listened to any episodes yet, we strongly recommend doing so.

However, even if we avoided linking to Apple Podcast or Spotify, we lacked a suitable alternative. Sure, we could link it into our own in-house Nextcloud and that is surely a privacy orientated solution, but, what if you could have a real podcast solution that works on Android and iOS as well as Linux and that runs in the background then wouldn't that be a way better solution? And what if it was part of the Fediverse so you could connect and add it to your own podcasts in your own Funkwhale account, wouldn't that just be brilliant?

Well it is so we are happy to introduce you to our own Funkwhale account and say thanks to for hosting us.

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