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Daily Dose: Disney Seeks Corp Lawyer

Disney seeks corporate lawyer for ‘emerging technologies’ and NFTsThe Walt Disney Company is seeking someone to ensure its NFTs comply with all current laws and regulations on U.S. soil and internationally.CointelegraphStephen Katte The Walt Disney Company could be on the verge of expanding into the crypto space after...

Privacy Advocate

Privacy Update:, reference site - playbook to online privacy

In early May this year, we launched a companion site to entitled which is designed as a comprehensive privacy protection resource. do privacy with - update 1 May 16 - LAUNCH: do #privacy with your playbook to #onlineprivacy #TOR...

Daily Dose: South Korean Gov Confiscated 260B in Crypto

South Korean gov has confiscated 260B won in crypto for non-payment of taxes since 2021The country’s tax authority began enforcing the seizure of crypto to offset tax liabilities last year.CointelegraphZhiyuan Sun According to regional news outlet, the South Korean government has seized over 260 billion...

Daily Dose: Coinbase Debuts Web3 Developer Platform

Coinbase Cloud debuts Web3 developer platformCoinbase Cloud has prioritized Web3 development with its new developer suite.CointelegraphSam Bourgi Blockchain infrastructure platform Coinbase Cloud has officially rolled out its Web3 developer platform, allowing users to build new decentralized applications free of charge. The new developer platform, dubbed Node, allows users to...

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