DT Intro: We like ProtonMail, the team here use it for internal communication, so we were intrigued to receive this recent extract from the ProtonVPN blog and happy to share it. Not a review or reco, just a heads-up!


In 2017, we launched ProtonVPN to defeat censorship and protect activists, journalists, and ordinary people on the internet. Since then, we’ve continued to build new features like NetShield Adblocker and, more recently, our unique VPN Accelerator for our community.

ProtonVPN is built by the same team that created ProtonMail. Founded by scientists who met at CERN, we have always been defined by a strong culture of research and development, and a focus on peer-reviewed transparency.

WireGuard® is a new VPN protocol that is fast, secure, and open source, and today we are proud to announce that all ProtonVPN users now have WireGuard enabled by default as the preferred option with our Smart Protocol feature.

This allows you to enjoy faster speeds, instant secure connections, better performance, and much-needed battery life for your devices, while continuing to protect your privacy and security with our award-winning VPN.

Download or update ProtonVPN to upgrade with WireGuard.

Exceptional speeds, improved performance, and longer battery life

WireGuard is a state-of-the-art open-source VPN protocol. Focused on speed and performance, open-source Linux operating system creator Linus Torvalds recently described WireGuard as “a work of art”, and it has now been merged with the Linux kernel.

WireGuard is extremely fast and lightweight, and when combined with our unique VPN Accelerator technology, can improve speed performance by over 400%.

This lightweight design also reduces the CPU load required to process the protocol, providing a performance boost and longer battery life for your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Learn more about WireGuard

Supporting open-source standards

Proton has always supported open-source standards, and with all our apps fully open source and audited, we offer an unparalleled level of transparency and accountability. We’ve also been a sponsor and supporter of the WireGuard project since its early days, and unlike other VPN providers with proprietary implementations, ProtonVPN’s implementation is 100% compatible with the open-source WireGuard standard.

A better internet where privacy is the default

WireGuard is enabled by default through our Smart Protocol technology for all ProtonVPN users on Windows, macOS, iPhone / iPad, Android, Chromebooks, and Android TV. Download or update Proton VPN to experience Proton privacy with the speed of WireGuard.

Thank you for choosing the new ProtonVPN, and don’t forget to share your feedback via our official social media channels on Twitter and Reddit.


Douglas has worked for many years as a technology writer in the cyberprivacy and cybersecurity sector. He is now very pleased to work for a company with a mission that he passionately believes in.

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