I recently shared how to ADB disable apps and bloatware. Today we go the extra mile and block access to location, clipboard and co for apps that shouldn't have these permissions.

First hop over to F-Droid and download AppOpsX, yes, the app is 2 years old, but still does the trick!

Go to Settings --> Developer Options and activate USB debugging

Keep your phone connected via USB until the entire process is fully done!

Open the AppOpsX app and type in your terminal (on your computer) in this order:

adb devices
adb tcpip 5555
adb shell sh /sdcard/Android/data/com.zzzmode.appopsx/opsx.sh &

Now check on your AppOpsX app - App permission (top right under the 3 dots)

Disable “read clipboard” for all apps except apps like your messengers (Signal, Threema, Element etc.), the notes apps, office apps, clipboard monitor and your keyboard app.

Disable “GPS”, “precise location”, “approximate location” and “coarse location” for every app except your maps app OSMAnd+

Disable “modify clipboard” for every app except for your keyboard, office and note apps.

Disable “calendar” for every app except your calendar app

Disable “read contacts”, “modify contacts” and “get contacts” for every app except your Phone, Phone Services, Phone/Messaging Storage, contacts and message apps.

Disable “camera” for every app except your camera and messenger apps

Disable all “send/receive/view messages” permissions for every app except “Phone”, “Phone Services”, “Phone/Messaging Storage”, contacts, dialer and messenger apps

Disable “body sensors” and “recognize physical activity” for every app except any compass dependent app like camera or bubble leveling app

Disable “record audio” for every app except camera, recorder, dialer and messenger apps. Of course, if you use messaging apps for texting only, remove the permission on all those apps as well.

Disable all “Phone” permissions for apps except your SMS app and Contacts, Dialer and call recorder apps

Disable “change WiFi state” for every app

Disable “display over other apps” for any third-party app except for apps you really need this feature. For example, NewPipe.

Disable “read storage” and “write storage” for all apps except file manager, file sharing app and messenger apps

Enable all permissions for “Phone”, “Phone Services” and “Phone/Messaging Storage” system apps, critical for cell radio calling and sending SMS. Disable everything else.

You can go point by point and check the permissions, you will soon figure out that most of those permissions are nonsense and if that's the case, switch it off. The fewer permissions given, the more privacy and security is reclaimed.

Once you are done, unplug the Phone. Remember every time you install new apps to check on those permissions and re-adjust it to your needs.

As always, I highly recommend using FOSS apps from F-Droid only. They usually respect your privacy and the community and F-Droid will make sure it stays that way.

Stay safe guys