Today's Privacy Cookbook will be the last before I kick off my review of the best Privacy apps and companies for the year.

And it's a cool, if short, one! One that, frankly, could have been in at home in so many chapters, from social media to identity prevention and even in with any on ad and tracker blocking.  But I decided to 'take it home', and put it to bed in Home Office Apps.

Seems we're all working/online more and more in our home offices (wherever these may be or however structured), and so we need to work hard to keep these locations secure and privacy protected, whilst still able to access information from RSS and other news sources.

Furthermore, before I go any further, I need to say I have really appreciated Medium for a while now, hell! I may have helped set up there initially but for privacy and paywall reasons, it moved over to its hosted blog. That doesn't change the fact that Medium has some excellent writers that I still follow and that regularly publish.


An alternative frontend to Medium


To view a Medium post via Scribe, simply replace with

If the URL is:
change it to:

It really is that simple, no more tracking, just pure information.

Even though it is that simple, you can make it all automatic such that if anyone sends you a Medium link, it will be redirected into the preferable format i.e. Scribe.

Redirector is an app for Firefox which does just this for you on their browsers, including Android.

On Android, you have an even easier solution, which also handles YouTube, Reddit, Twitter and other tracker-fest apps, that redirects them to you to the appropriate federated instance. It's called UntrackMe and is available on F-Droid.

UntrackMe | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
Transform Youtube, Twitter & Instagram links to their free and open source alter

So you may ask why would I want/need to use Scribe over Medium? Well, for one, privacy! But, also, maybe because you believe in the writer more than the platform. Whatever reason you have, Scribe is for lightweight reading, with no trackers, no paywalls, no 'Medium' style business model and made for people who enjoy reading!

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