If you are a Mac user, you probably know, or even use, Things 3, a professional planning app that makes a professional's life on a Mac-powered device much easier.

However, maybe you be one of the people who don't like to be in a 'closed garden' setup and have to endure some Apple scanning going on inside your device and so switched to Linux. (In fact, if you did not switch to Linux yet, now is as good as any!).

Which brings me nicely to today's recommendation — Planner

Planner is an open-source to-do and task manager which not only looks not dissimilar to Things 3 on Mac but which misses none of its best features.

First things first, it doesn't just work on Linux, it was built for Linux. On top of this, it's sexy as! It was original developed to be fully integrated into Element OS and, yes, Element OS will be getting an updated review soon as version 6 has some great improvements over the previously reviewed version.

But Planner is Linux-based and doesn't just work on Element OS. It can be used on arch and Debian based Linux distros, I know, I do it!.

Planner has a lot to offer, including:

  • Ability to create/organize different projects
  • Drag and Order arrived: Sort your tasks wherever you want.
  • Make sections to further divide your tasks/ideas
  • Progress indicator for each project
  • Schedule tasks for a particular time (supports recurring tasks as well)
  • Add multiple reminders for a task
  • Ability to add sub-tasks
  • Assign priorities for the tasks added
  • Organize your tasks by 'Sections'
  • Choose a board view to better organize or simplify viewing the tasks when you have many things going on
  • Support labels to easily filter you ideas or tasks
  • Sync integration with Todoist to enable cross-platform support
  • Dark and Light theme choices
  • Emoji support for the task/project title to make it look attractive and meaningful
  • Ability to send the tasks/ideas by email or share as a markdown file
  • Unread badge count support
  • Ability to export data offline
  • An option to keep the app running in the background to never miss any reminders or for quick access
  • Ability to tweak the clock format
  • Recurring due dates
  • Integration with system’s default calendar

It is super easy to use and organize existing to-do lists.

To install Planner you most likely find it in your Software center, if not flatpak has you covered.

flatpak install flathub com.github.alainm23.planner

Arch Linux

elementary-planner is available in AUR thanks to @yochananmarqos.


elementary-planner is available in Fedora repos thanks to @tim77.

Planner is by far the best to-do list application you can get on Linux, and I would go further and say it is even better than Things 3 on Mac. For everyone who is a professional or just needs to manage tasks to make life easier, this app is for you.

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