Happy new year from the Privacy Advocate.

I am back, alive and kicking and ready to push on with Chapter 5. Before I get stuck in, let me briefly explain what will happen in this chapter what will probably be one of the most relevant, concerning and interesting  sections of the Privacy Cookbook.

And that is because it is all about mobile phone protection, and let's face it, who DOESN'T have at least one?

We  will commence with a look at Meta Data, what is it, what does it do and  how best to protect yourself against the (illicit or  otherwise) collection of yours!

We will explain which apps you  need to remove from your phones, how to do it and how to block access to  analytics and other such evil nonsense.

We will provide a step by step guide on how to remove the deeply embedded Facebook apparatus  that is on Samsung phones, and how to block Huawei, Samsung, Apple and whoever else is out there on non-rooted devices.

We will demonstrate how to root a device and what are the best options, whilst  keeping it as simple as possible and helping to be secure on your regular daily device be it iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or whoever.

We will have a full section where we recommend the daily setups to use  (based on what we do day and daily), from firewall setups to messaging to social media protection......this sub-chapter will be fun,  different and definitely eye-opening.

Stay tuned as we look into  one of the biggest issues we face today, data protection and finally provide with the knowledge needed to hide in plain sight by using meta data against the people who seek to collect it!

Remember, even if you have nothing to hide, why share unless you chose or need to?

Yours in anonymity,    
The Privacy Advocate, January 2020

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