Social Media seems to be something that many of us can't live without, although some ofus have discovered some friendly options in things like Mastodon. Likewise YouTube has some alternate solutions to get around Google's mass collection of data with NewPipe on Android or Invidious on the browser. There are also many neat ways to check tweets, even via RSS, and the same goes for instagram ( and the like.

One of the better social media news sources for many of us has always been reddit. The problem here is that reddit started collecting data and most people were not even aware of that. Of course you can just subscribe to your favourite sub reddit sub via RSS, but how cool would it be if you had a privacy friendly solution, just like Nitter for Twitter?

Introducing teddit, fully open-source and super fast loading, in fact it's a beast when it comes to loading time. And it's all you need to replace your, for example will get you to where you would want to be on, except (you've guessed it), it would be private.

There is no login yet, so you can't use it if you want to engage on reddit but this is in the works! If you need to login to reddit, do not use, always use

The old reddit version comes with less 'services' or, as we call it, monitoring than the normal .com version.

teddit is a great way to catch up on all you would want to know or read on reddit.

On Android you also the the Infinity app which is available via F-Droid, just as you have RedReader. And on both iOS and Android you could also give Slide a spin.

However, if you just feel like seeing the latest posts you can always use you favourite RSS reader and then use an RSS bridge.


This applies to  many other services including Facebook and the like. RSS can be a great solution for many privacy advocates. Invidious, Nitter, TinyTiny RSS, Mastodon and many more services including encrypted DNS are also available on Snopyta so perhaps have a look and give some of your life a more private spin.

2020 has been bad enough but when it comes to privacy and data privacy it has overtaken Orwell's 1984 already. However, we have some options to keep our life a little more private and it can start with switching to some of these more privacy-oriented solutions.

Stay safe and private!

The Privacy Advocate

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