In early May this year, we launched a companion site to entitled which is designed as a comprehensive privacy protection resource.

do privacy with - update 1 May 16 2022 - LAUNCH: do #privacy with your playbook to #onlineprivacy #TOR #thetorproject #DNS #VPN #adblockers #grapheneOS

Since that time, we have not only seen a surge in our recorded hits and unique user numbers across both sites but we have provided a steady flow of updates to the site.

Encouragingly, we have also been receiving updates, suggestions and advisories across a number of privacy developments which we will now begin to flag on the site.

Please feel free to send in anything that you think we need to know so that we can investigate and incorporate, if appropriate, to

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do privacy at! - Monday 4th July - update UPDATE: do privacy at! - Monday 4th July #gnomecircle #swetrix #vaultwarden #telios #kanban #firewalla

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