From today and for the next three Mondays, will run a series that will examine in detail the necessity for privacy & security, or PrivSec, whenever and wherever you operate or exist online.

It is commonly assumed that the two areas are mutually inclusive but this is not always the case and your response and reactions will depend on what is perceived to be your threat level. It doesn't have to be tough.

The series kicks off with another excellently illustrative video by the awesome privacy supremo, The Hated One, as he leads us through the definitional stages of the issue. The following weeks we'll delve deeper...

For additional information and guidance on online security, see our companion site, for the latest news, updates and fixes. / Home
do privacy at privacy.doChangelog1.2 - July 27, 2022Added Wormhole to Encryption & SharingAdded Cider to Music & Streaming1.1 - July 04, 2022Added vaultwarden to Password ManagerAdded Swetrix to Google / AnalyticsAdded gnome circle to 2FA1.0 - May 09, 2022your playbook to online privacy…

Stay safe, stay secure.

The Privacy Advocate

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