When it comes to online music streaming, you can have multiple choices for free and paid solutions.

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One of the better (paid) solutions is Apple Music. If you have an iPhone, for example, you'll have the music app preinstalled, the same goes for Apple TV and, of course, your Mac.

The problems start when you are an iPhone user but using Linux. Or worse... nah! let's not even think about someone who wants to use Windows…

However, whilst Linux has many of its own great and free solutions for listening to music, if you do have an Apple Music subscription you have now a fully open-source and great-looking solution called Cider.

Cider is Electron-based and is 100% open-source. The app not only looks very similar to the official Apple Music app, but was actually built from the ground up, with certain improvements and, of course, with privacy in mind.

Cider lets you browse, search and play your favorite music from the Apple servers and, of course, has you covered for all Apple Podcasts as well.

Cider also offers support for spatial audio, via the Cider Audio lab, and provides a built-in equalizer.

Cider offers themes and even lets you create your own, so you can control your local music library on your Linux system.

LastFM is integrated as well along with Discord (for people who need things like that...)!

Cider allows you to think of it as a mini player (just like on macOS, with the official app), but it also allows lyrics viewing from Musixmatch.

Cider Remote avoids disruptions so you njoy the tranquillity of switching music straight from your phone.

It is, so far, available in Google Play and via TestFlight on your iPhone.

Overall, this is a 'goto; app when you have Linux (or Windows), but an Apple Music subscription. It looks and works amazingly, and, best of all, it's open-source so no hidden nonsense!

The app is available in the Microsoft Store. And on Linux you can install it via .deb, .appimage, snap, AUR or even from Flatpack.

Cheers to Cider!

Cider - A open source Apple Music client designed from the ground up for speed and efficiency.

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