DT is delighted to launch a new weekly series featuring two long-standing crypto pioneers in Dr Kapil Amarasinghe or Dr Kap, as he is known, is a Doctor in Emergency Medicine and the UK Community Ambassador to the Particl Project/Foundation along with de-commerce guru, Joe Fisher.

The 2 hour podcast covers a multitude of topics from politics to tech and from medicine to monopolies, it's a cracking listen, best described in their own words:

Entertaining but thoughtful podcast which welcomes people of all opinions, points of view, and backgrounds who enjoy thinking outside the box

In this Episode: The inaugural broadcast of the Super Dangerous Club! Today we ask where is the end of the internet? Why do you have to wait 8 hours for an emergency ambulance in the UK? How do you fix a broken foot with a mobile phone? How do you fix capitalism? How many chillies does it take to kill a man?


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