Ok, so confession time on this, we've been a little bit late getting to the party on this so in order to catch up and keep things current, we will publish two episodes of the SDC blog each week with the latest one along with the next episode in line from the beginning so episode No. 3 today.

Enjoy the discourse between the two privacy and decommerce advocates, Dr Kap and Joe Fisher.

Episode 3 - Are democracies slowly dying? - December 16th 2021

In this episode: Democracy is dead! The devil is in the bureaucratic detail! Is there an illuminati or only the power whose names you are too lazy to google? Today's episode is all about asking... is democracy about to die?

Episode 14 - No planning required - April 19th 2022

In this episode: Let's not have an agenda for once. Approaching the world without an agenda? Is that even possible? How do we build an agenda-less media?

Double the episodes, double the fun!

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