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YOU HAVE LESS in common with an average person from the year 2123 than with a Roman citizen from the year 23, even though the future person is 20x closer to you in time.

Don’t believe me?... Let's blow your mind in this #Thread


Does the person born in 1923 have more in common with us today in 2023 or a Roman in the year 23?



childbirth is quite deadly

malaria is a real threat

most infants don’t make it adulthood

air conditioning is an absurd concept

80% of the humanity is STILL in poverty


most have never seen a picture of (let alone been to) a foreign land

life expectancy is similar

neither have “entertainment” besides reading (assuming they can read)

wars are fought face to face and most death is via disease

horse is the most common form of transportation


education beyond basic farming and a trade is extremely rare

outside a local community of 500 individuals or so it is rare to interact with anyone of the outside world

the world's energy needs are dwarfed by the future and most communication is done in real time face to face.


The world of 1923 is wildly advanced compared to the ancient Romans in many ways but both are ancient worlds compared to the year 2023.

Similarly the world of 1823 or any other century seems outdated/advanced by its bordering centuries.

Our exponential change is NOT new at all.


The world of 2023 will viewed as having more in common with the world of 1923 by the time 2123 rolls around.

In just 100 years your worldview won’t just be outdated… it will be regarded as LITERALLY ANCIENT.

Even if we keep at current 2020s pace of chance, which we won't.


But, technology now advances >500% FASTER than it did in 1923, and there is no reason to think 2123 will be anything but >300% FASTER THAN TODAY.

(Could already be argued you have just as little technologically in common with yourself from 1983 then that self had with 1283.)


We are in the ancient world…

Where humans trade economic value by bartering between political currency units and saving wealth in assets and goods.

In this world, the driving problem is a lack of prosperity.

Exchanges are expensive and take days (or weeks) to transact, and often have people called “brokers” or “realtors” who professionally managed these transactions because these good were so valuable and expensive it required extreme diligence to fulfill.

Not even money is easy.


In the coming world: humans do not save in assets because deflation escalates.

No point holding stocks as margins get pushed tighter over time, no point in holding bonds or political currencies of insolvent nations, no point in holding expanding gold. Humans Need Not Apply Support Grey making videos: Robots, Etc:Terex Port automation:

Stocks are our proxy money anyways.

They only "go up forever" because they are closest thing we have to perfect money in the ancient world (today) where we don't have perfect money.

Create perfect money -> stocks (and everything) reverts to it's natural state: deflation forever.


We are leaving the ancient world in which we sell infinite money to hold less infinite assets to create a perfect “portfolio” to act as perfect money, we are entering the modern world where we sell infinite assets for finite money.


However, human brains think hyper-abundance of prosperity is a bad thing because brains would no longer be able to sell their time for political currency units.

The people of 2023 failed to understand history.

They failed to look to the horse…

Locomotive made the horse unemployable.

Real deflation meant that the jobs for horses were no longer viable, as everything was so cheap there is no sense in operating them.

Likewise, how do you employ humans when prosperity is so cheap you can’t give them all jobs?


It is NOT a collapse in prosperity, or the population… it is a COLLAPSE in said jobs and assets.

In the transition: -every asset besides the money goes to zero -most of the workforce becomes unemployable -the money becomes the monetary singularity of humanity as it thrives


We are leaving the ancient world of tomorrow where human labor is economically viable and is exchanged for corrupted political currency units to be converted in finite assets of the less prosperous past.

The emergence of this coming modern world of tomorrow is what geniuses like Henry Ford and Nikola Tesla predicted at the beginning of the 20th century when they predicted the Information Age.

Four main levels of this system.

Energy, information, communication, and monetary.


1. Grid to convert “natural wealth” into energy (electricity)

2. System to convert energy into information (computers, 1948)

3. Network to communicate said data with minimal friction (internet, 1983)

4. Algorithm to convert information into an immutable ledger (Bitcoin, 2009)

We are at the BEGINNING of this new age, NOT THE END.

WE HAVE ONLY JUST BEGUN using our global communication paradigm (the internet) and 40% of humanity is yet to use it.

Likewise we are at the beginning of discovering our native money (Bitcoin) of this era.

We are lifting off.


Your worldview is going to become completely shattered along with your “models” and forecasts.

Everyone is wrong.

Yes, really.

Your "experts" are using pricing models of the past to project a future that does not exist.

The idea of these portfolios goings up in price is absurd.


My warning and my encouragement: You have less in common with the person of 2123 than with the person of year 23.

Bitcoin is essential to the destruction of your worldview.

It’s creation was inevitable and now that it is here it cannot be undone.

It's a hard pill to swallow.


Most people you know will learn the hard way, and not accept the locomotive’s dominance until the only economically viable option left is to take your horses and a shotgun out behind the barn.

They will have to start anew in the future as farmers had to start anew in factories.

The value of the monetary layer of the information age (#Bitcoin) is going up forever, likewise everything else that stores monetary energy MUST go to ZERO... Forever.

#BTC is already the lowest risk asset there is, despite brains resisting it.

But my stocks! My bonds! My cash! Zero, zero, zero...

Much faster than you think.

Candles, horses, cannons, and telegraphs have no economic incentive to survive.

Most won’t believe me now.

A shame, but understandable.

I didn't understand it at one point either.


You can hope to ignore #Bitcoin for a few years as the ancient political barter system hobbles, but its collapse into irrelevance is ALREADY happening faster than any change in history.

I hope you soon realize you were wrong, and quickly realize #BTC was why.

Get. Off. Zero.


Luke Broyles@luke_broyles

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