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Jenny Ross

The Sunday Long Read: What Are We Going to Do About Bitcoin?

Interesting piece by Beautyon from much as things change, nothing changes... This piece was originally written for the magazine Foreign Affairs. Math has learned a new trick Bitcoin is deeply confusing. It takes on the aspect of a beautiful Fata Morgana to all observers of the technology horizon,...

Big H

Tweetstorm: Intel looking to shake up Bitcoin mining!

Today's Tweetstorm is a short but informative tech update from A. Pompliano Pomp Intel is shaking the Bitcoin mining market, flipping the industry on its head. Three machines from two manufacturers are leading the charge to make machines more efficient. Here is what you need to know @APompliano· 1/ Intel...

Jenny Ross

The Sunday Long Read: Bitcoin fixes this

Aleksandar Svetski explains how... My intent in this article here is remind you, the reader, of what you may already know or what perhaps you are starting to slowly realise, about Bitcoin. Yes. Bitcoin is the most important economic decision you’ll make in your entire life. Nothing else comes...

Big H

Tweetstorm: No, Bitcoin won't save Russia from Western sanctions

And here's a short tweetstorm thread to explain why...thanks to David Zell@DavidZell_ and the BPI... David Zell@DavidZell_ Bitcoin Policy Institute memo debunks claims that #Bitcoin will help Russia evade sanctions, argues that BTC helps individuals in Ukraine and Russia.🧵 David Zell@DavidZell_ Bitcoin is facilitating tens of...

Jenny Ross

How can Bitcoin and all crypto go to zero?

Why it is possible and very likely? Can Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies actually crash to zero? It is possible and very likely, actually. Why? Let’s break it down and please read this with an open mind. Decentralised and (pretty much) indestructible This is something that I find truly fascinating about...

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