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Particl Development Progress Report - May 20th 2022

Get up to speed with all the most recent Particl developments! Another week ends, and another progress report sees the day! This week, we've trucked along working on the next desktop client update as well as making nice progress on improving the underlying BasicSwap code along with its interface. Let's...

Big H

Is Bitcoin Really the Answer?

From the Particl Project: In this day and age, is Bitcoin really the end-all-be-all solution to financial tyranny and spying? We explore a nuanced approach! Often considered the most important technological breakthrough since the internet, Bitcoin gave us the ability to gain full control over our money and financial transactions,...

Privacy Advocate

The Particl.Project:

Anything you say or do will be used against you We dive deeper into one of the lesser-known but highly-impactful risks associated with data collection: how it ends up being used against you. Remember the early days of the internet, when people frowned at the idea of entering their credit...

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The Internet is Centralized and That Spells Trouble!

Article from Particl News Reviewing the grave consequences of the state of centralization of today's internet and understanding what it means for our personal freedoms. Today’s internet is very, very different from what it used to be. Over the past decade or two, a worrying trend of centralization has...

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