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Feature: How to Apply Futurism in Education And Stay Ahead

How to Apply Futurism in Education And Stay Ahead In A Fast-Moving World The world is changing fast in all the dimensions of life. The area of education is no different. You have to think creatively and plan for the multi-dimensional future. That is the only way to stay ahead...

Jenny Ross

TWEETSTORM: Everything you need to know before 2030

TWEETSTORM is an occasional feature on decentralize.today where we share threads , mostly from Twitter, that we think deserve a wider audience, some are informative, some educational, some amusing and others yet are controversial...we dig these out for you so you don't have to! Misha@mishadavinci The world has...

Big H

Happy New Year (to those of us who follow the Gregorian calendar!)

Here's to our community all around the world, here's to healing and health, to the defence of privacy and human rights, to the expansion of decentralization and to turning back the tide of corporate and governmental malfeasance and corruption globally! 💬We publish a daily dose of decentralization here every day...

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