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Big H

Boiling Steam: Mastodon vs Twitter

Mastodon vs Twitter. The public loves to put a VS between entities, as if things are always in opposition to each other’s. At Boiling Steam, we use both, or rather, I use both since I am responsible for the communications on such networks. I am not going to go...

The 2021 review of Messaging Service Providers:

Since 2016, has been covering messengers and looking for the most privacy-focussed and user-friendly messengers around. Some of our team uses SchildiChat, which is a fork of Element, and really appreciate it as a self-hosted version of a federated messenger network. However, there is no denying, that one...

Element Blog announces that "Spaces is now out of beta"

DT Intro: As many of you will know, spends a bit of time reviewing messenger service providers and telecom hardware manufacturers to provide feedback and guidance on which provide the best security and functionality. This is critical today given how central to so many of us our mobiles...

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