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Privacy Advocate

The Matrix - more than just Element

if you've followed our messenger service provider reviews over the years you'll have realised our team is are big fans of decentralization and that matrix-based apps (Element, SchildiChat etc.) are always high on our list when it comes to good secure messaging apps. One issue with Element, however, is metadata...

Nate Bartram

The Element of Surprise

Another weekend, another encrypted messaging outage. Sort of. This past weekend, Element was removed from the Google Play store. Fortunately at the time of writing, this has been resolved and Element has been restored to the Play store. It turns out that the app was banned due to “extremely abusive...

Nate Bartram

Mixed Signals Part 2: The Lessons and Redundancy

Last week, I wrote a blog about encrypted messaging app Signal’s 24-hour outage. I rightly pointed out that this outage impressed the need for services of all sizes and purposes to embrace decentralization for the sake of stability to avoid future outages like this one – outages that are undoubtedly...

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