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Big H

ROUNDUP: Recent Altcoin and Social Media Updates

Just a quick catch up on recent projects or news updates GrapheneOS We have multiple ways to take part in/be part of the @GrapheneOS Community, via our portals: Twitter: Forum: [Matrix] MetropleX (@Metr0pl3x)...

Privacy Advocate

Privacy Update:, reference site - playbook to online privacy

In early May this year, we launched a companion site to entitled which is designed as a comprehensive privacy protection resource. do privacy with - update 1 May 16 - LAUNCH: do #privacy with your playbook to #onlineprivacy #TOR...

Privacy Advocate

EXPOSED! - The Huawei Backdoor Conspiracy

EXPOSED! is a weekly series that runs that looks to unveil the dirty dealings of corporations, individuals and governments, often in collusion with each other. This week, Huawei. Did intelligence operatives install backdoor into Huawei products? Huawei is the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and one...

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