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Privacy Advocate

Privacy Update: how to change the IP address on Windows

We discuss how to change the IP address of your Windows 10 or Windows 11 device. This does not change your IP address on the internet, although we look at that as well. * Local and internet IP addresses * Why change your local IP address on Windows? * IPv4 vs. IPv6 addresses...

Feature: What To Do Before, During, And After A Data Breach

The threat of a data breach is omnipresent whether you own a major corporation or a small start-up. This security violation can be a minor hiccup that can be fixed within a few hours or an irreparable incident that can cost you your business. Regardless of the extent of the...

Privacy Advocate

Feature: What is deep packet inspection? We deep dive with ProtonVPN

Deep packet inspection (DPI) is a method of examining data packets that pass through a network so that the traffic type can be identified. This information can then be used to block unwanted traffic. The technique is commonly used in firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other network security systems. Unfortunately,...

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