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Privacy Advocate

Privacy Update: EFF calls for a Ban on Online Behavioral Advertising

Tech companies earn staggering profits by targeting ads to us based on our online behavior. This incentivizes all online actors to collect as much of our behavioral information as possible, and then sell it to ad tech companies and the data brokers that service them. This pervasive online behavioral surveillance...

Jenny Ross

Former Google ad boss builds tracker-free search engine

A new advert and tracker-free search engine service was launched this week in the UK, France and Germany. Neeva, as it is known, already has over 600,000 users in the US after launching there last year. The developer, Sridhar Ramaswamy, had previously worked at Google for 16 years and...

EU Finalizes Legal Text for Landmark Crypto Regulations Under MiCA

A leaked draft of the text shows that the rules could apply to algorithmic stablecoins and fractionalized NFTs. A CoinDesk review... The European Union has finalized the full text of its landmark Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) legislation. Officially, the text is still open to comments, but sources briefed on...

Privacy Advocate

Privacy Update: Google scans private photos leading to false accusations

More fallout from mass surveillance of files online Internet users’ private messages, files, and photos of everyday people are increasingly being examined by tech companies, which check the data against government databases. While this is not a new practice, the public is being told this massive scanning should extend to...

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