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TWEETSTORM: Post #LUNA, the case for Stablecoins

TWEETSTORM is an occasional feature on where we share threads , mostly from Twitter, that we think deserve a wider audience, some are informative, some educational, some amusing and others yet are controversial...we dig these out for you so you don't have to! James Ho@jamesjho_ 1/ Stablecoins...

do privacy with

your playbook to online privacy - launching today Actions speak louder than words and so a new resource becomes available today that will show you the straightforward steps you can take to regaining and retaining your online privacy. is a concise yet comprehensive free-to-access website containing reviews, recommendations...

Big H

Is Bitcoin Really the Answer?

From the Particl Project: In this day and age, is Bitcoin really the end-all-be-all solution to financial tyranny and spying? We explore a nuanced approach! Often considered the most important technological breakthrough since the internet, Bitcoin gave us the ability to gain full control over our money and financial transactions,...

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