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Hiring tech talent is a challenging but rewarding step for your startup.

Hiring tech talent is a priority for building your startup’s workforce. The battle for tech talent is up and running. There’s an incredibly high demand for tech workers but a very low supply of professionals.

Relying on developers, data scientists, and other IT specialists will help you optimize your processes and upscale your business revenue. This makes finding the perfect tech workforce significantly challenging, especially if your company is a startup. That’s why we have compiled a list with some handy techniques to help you attract and recruit tech talent.

Consider Looking For Candidates On Job Online Boards

Online job boards are excellent sources for finding tech talent. That’s why you must be visible on these platforms. With platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, or Glassdoor, you get an extensive pool of tech talent that you can choose from, including software engineers, project managers, and data scientists. You can use personalized searches to find candidates with specialized skills or experience.

You can also use technical-specific websites to recruit tech talents, such as GitHub or Stack Overflow. You’ll need to create an employer profile showcasing your company’s background, overview, and benefits.

Have Visible and Committed Managers

According to Harvard Business Review, tech employees prioritize companies whose managers are more accountable and reachable. Highly efficient tech companies have approachable managers that’ll efficiently communicate with employees. This means that anyone can have a conversation with senior managers or the executive team.

This approachable environment helps employees understand the impact of their work on outcomes. Highly productive tech workers would rather work in a company where their work is visible and valuable.

Career Development Opportunities

Technical careers are constantly changing, so tech professionals are usually lifelong learners. Their jobs demand them to be on top of trends to remain relevant to the industry. That’s why offering career development opportunities is crucial if you want to attract top tech talent.

As a startup, it may be challenging to pay for a bachelor’s degree in computer science for all employees. Still, there are other types of career development you can consider. You can use corporate training, pay for a coding bootcamp, or even MOOC courses which are affordable alternatives.

Highlight Work-Life Balance Benefits

Most tech workers have the possibility of working from home at least once a week. You should consider this when trying to attract tech talent for your startup. Most of their duties can be easily held online, so offering this possibility shouldn’t be a problem.

Due to the great resignation phenomenon, many tech employees have asked for higher salaries. However, not all companies can cope with that, but a good way to balance that out is by offering fewer working hours for the same wage.

Create A Personal And Efficient Careers Page

Your careers page might be the first one that potential employees seek during their job hunt Many companies neglect it by having unclear information or by not having any at all. You should do the exact opposite. Make sure that your careers page is easily accessible and that it reflects your company’s values, mission, application form, and benefits for your employees.

You can even add a few honest testimonials to make your reputation stand out. This way, not only is it easier for potential tech candidates to apply for a job at your company, but you’ll also attract those that have similar values and vision to your company.

In Summary

Attracting tech talent is crucial if you want to take your startup to the next level. They’ll add refreshing solutions to current problems in your company and help you focus on other relevant aspects. However, due to the lack of tech talent in the job market, you have to go the extra mile with them.

It’s a good idea to offer relevant benefits for them, such as work-life balance, career training, career advancement, and handy technical tools to ease their jobs. It’s also important to remain visible on job boards and social media and make your application process more streamlined.

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Part 2 Talent Management Strategies For Startup Companies and part 3 How to Retain Tech Talent in your Startup and Reduce Employee Turnover of this series will follow over the next 2 Wednesdays

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