So is changing and as detailed in our piece on Tuesday, it's way more than cosmetic!

As explained we're beefing up our security and speed but today we'll expand on the improvements we're introducing to the delivery and presentation of all our content.

Firstly, on the display of content, whilst we will still focus on the key areas of decentralization, blockchain, privacy and cryptocurrencies, on the site we're moving our categorization over to Tags, making indexing and searching easier and faster. And individual articles can carry multiple tags to ensure all relevant information is identified.

Additionally, we'll be expanding our regular features so whilst we'll still have:

EXPOSED! - revealing corporate greed and malfeasance

Privacy Cookbook – your recipe for digital anonymity

21 Questions – where we quiz prominent industry personalities on their background and outlook

The Tweetstorm series - showcasing Twitter threads on the most interesting topics in the industry

The monthly Messaging Service Provider Review 2020

AltCoin Outlook – regular insights into coins that are making inroads away from the mainstream

Daily Dose – crypto focused updates, courtesy of SCI

Real Use Case – explanatory articles on projects that employ blockchain technology

ICYMI - In case you missed it - reruns of great articles from

And we'll also be adding:

SM decentralized! - reviews of apps, sites and projects that are pioneering safe alternatives to current mainstream social media

With more to this space!

On that very subject, we're significantly upgrading our Social Media presence in order to get more information out, faster and delivered to you in the format or via the channel that suits you best.

You'll be able to 'find and follow' us on the following:






And whilst we'll still be sending out info on the featured articles of the day on the main site, we are also going to migrate our microblog feature across to social media to share, retweet and forward articles of interest from appropriate external sources.

Once the world returns to 'normal', we will be available to carry notifications on Upcoming Events via our Social Media network but more on that when the time is right.

So that explains the changes to our content delivery and that's just for starters, as we'll also be unveiling the new site design modifications which we know make the site clearer and cleaner and also debuting our new shortened site address – (why not take a sneak peek?)

As always, our primary concern is delivering a consistently secure product to you as quickly and easily as possible.

In our final article on Saturday, we will look at how you can engage with and detail the expanded system of article submission including an anonymity option! And then on to the big switch over the course of this coming Sunday.

More soon, it's all good folks!

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