So, in the beginning, or probably more appropriately,  "In a galaxy far far away..." Decentralize Today started up 6-7 years ago as a blog on Medium. And when there we were reasonably 'successful', and had a nice number of writers and several thousand followers and readers.

However, there was always the feeling that we could 'do more', that we could and should deliver a resource that supported, promoted and actually 'lived' the decentralized life we talked so much about. It has never been about the numbers, we just wanted to communicate, share, educate and to do that with professionalism and pride.

So we sharpened our scope, transferred the blog to its own secured site (along with the alternate, ultra-secure, super short TOR enabled URL), 'rebranded' as, adopted the Ghost blogging software in order to be more privacy-friendly and committed to deliver to our promise of being 'Your Daily Dose of Decentralization' by posting at least one quality article each and every day.

Don't worry, we're not using this article to announce that we are about to shut down the site, far from fact we are taking actions to expand our reach and make your participation even easier! At, decentralizing is in our DNA, so we move on and continue that process.

To kick-off, and are partnering with to give writers and contributors an easy way to send in articles and connect to the Fediverse!

Or as famously puts it:

"Less distraction, more writing"
Free your thoughts
We don't track you, so you can write exactly what you feel. Write anonymously or under different identities, giving you full control over who knows what about you. is used by writers, students, and everyday people who need a safe outlet online.

With you can use your Fediverse/ or WriteFreely username and have the article directly linked into your profile. Alternatively, you can submit articles anonymously and then we take care of the rest.

"Clear the clutter and focus on your writing"
Simple writing submission and review for your blog.

The process really is that simple.

Or to be more concise, as simple as this:

  1. Go to
  2. At this stage you can add your name and email
  3. Click start writting and add text by typing or cut & pasting it in and you can use Markdown to modify or craft text or features
  4. Finally, press Post and your entry is transfered to's Ghost account for review and publishing on the blog

Our review process is merely to ensure that work submitted falls within our broad parameters for topic, decency and legality as well as to schedule in the next slot plus prepare any supporting social media.  And whilst we accept product or service reviews, we do not carry open product endorsements unless declared and sponsored as such.

To assist you with the writing process, we provide an online resource in 'The Writers Recipe Book' which details the myriad of features available via the Ghost blog writing platform.

Writers Recipe Book
So if you have decided to register as a contributing writer then we are providing you with access to a fantastic editing tool to aid with your article preparation. Go to [] for more insight Or better still sign into your account once you have it set up and just get start…

On content, we will continue to focus on our four key areas of concern and interest namely decentralization, privacy, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Over the past year we have featured articles from over 30 different contributors from 20 plus countries (and been read in over 120 countries & territories!). We also cover multiple aspects of every area we look at with several regular features including EXPOSED!, Tweetstorm, Privacy Cookbook, Real Use Case, 21 Questions, our new podcast series plus over 25 content tags.

This move to integrate with the open & independant writing platform that is,  utilising the open-source Writefreely software and the tool, is a further move for to open our platform up to a new army of readers and writers within the Fediverse. Anonymity is assured, anything submitted will always remain your property with no logging and no ads.

We will follow this integration with further introductions over the coming weeks and months to join our Mastodon instance and Funkwhale open audio podcast feature as we move further into the Fediverse and the Brave New World of Decentraliztion!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!