Yes, it's the big reveal!

And the only thing you need to know is

Over the past week, we've outlined the what, the why and the when on all the changes that we’ve made to the site.

We've been working on this for a while and we're really pumped about it!

As always, our primary concern is delivering a consistently secure product to you as quickly and easily as possible.

So here's a summary of all those changes and how they will benefit you:

security & speed

relocation to a more secure backbone with no trackers or permission requests

total GDPR compliance (which is nice but we're always cookie-free anyway)

new privacy focused front & back end installed via Ghost

new hosting arrangement allowing for much faster download speeds, up to x20 our previous speed!

and the new hosting will provide the opportunity for us to securely extend our capability to include Tor/.onion in the near future!

plus our new, short web address (Greenland, in case you're wondering)

content development & social media expansion

Firstly,  we’re unveiling the new site design which we know is clearer and cleaner ton the display of content, whilst we will still focus on the key areas of decentralization, blockchain, privacy and cryptocurrencies, on the site we're moving our categorization over to Tags thereby increasing our scope of subjects. It will also make indexing and searching easier and faster. And individual articles can carry multiple tags to ensure all relevant information is identified.

We will continue to run our regular features including:

EXPOSED!- revealing corporate greed and malfeasance

Privacy Cookbook– your recipe for digital anonymity

21 Questions– where we quiz prominent industry personalities on their background and outlook

The Tweetstorm series- showcasing Twitter threads on the most interesting topics in the industry

The monthly Messaging Service Provider Review 2020

AltCoin Outlook– regular insights into coins that are making inroads away from the mainstream

Daily Dose– crypto focused updates, courtesy of SCI

Real Use Case– explanatory articles on projects that employ blockchain technology

ICYMI- In case you missed it - reruns of great articles from

And soon we'll be adding:

SM decentralized!- reviews of apps, sites and projects that are pioneering safe alternatives to current mainstream social media

On Social Media, which we will considerably beef up, you will now be able to 'find and follow' us by joining the following:






new content submission process

Writers wanted!

We welcome original content and seek work that is creative, authentic, different and intriguing.

We offer exposure to our expanding readership with articles being pushed out through our extensive social media channels and messaging groups.

We also wanted to make the submission process as simple as possible (and anonymous, if desired) and so now offer two routes:

Option one - writing under your own name

This requires you to become a registered writer where all you need to do is contact us via an email or a Telegram, Riot or Threema message (for which full details are given below), and include an email link. Following receipt of the request, we will forward an invite and you can sign up.

It does not require you to provide your identity (unless you so chose to do so) and it is completely secure as we do not collect or store any IP data within our system.

Option two - posting anonymously

This option requires next to nothing! Drop us an email, Telegram, Riot or Threema message with your article in plain text and we'll publish it for you. We’re more than happy to receive your email with PGP encryption applied!

(Psst! Whistleblowers welcome!)

And as a registered writer, we will provide you with access to the Ghost editor app, one of the most powerful & versatile open source publishing platforms around.

So there you have it...The Big Reveal...

Your Daily Dose of Decentralization

The future won’t be centralized
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