During the last couple of months of 2020, one of the better things that happened to us was the arrival, via mastodon and the fediverse, of a new blog contributor in the shape of Nate Bartram aka The New Oil.

During the course of the coming weeks and months, Nate will be sending in both blogpieces, principally on and around privacy, and also carrying his regular podcast on funkwhale where decentralize.today now has an instance.

As a taster for Nate's work we have bookmarked his latest poddy which contains a roundup of recent news stories of interest and/or concern to many of us in the decentralization/privacy space.

A great listen with a really snappy delivery style that keeps you totally engaged throughout!


January 3, 2021
Libre Music from the Commons

You can catch up with Nate and find more of his work ot his website at thenewoil@xyz

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