ICYMI - first run on decentralize.today in November 2020 - In this week's broadcast entitled 'Bitcoin is not decentralized but decentralised ecommerce will be' Dr Kapil Amarasinghe explains the inherent contradiction behind the assertion that bitcoin allows even & equal distribution in which all can participate - in theory!

Dr Kap then presents the case for true decentralization being found in Proof of Stake (POS) and decentralized marketplaces.

"The path towards a truly decentralised nation lies in de-commerce"

Believe me, this is 19 minutes well spent!

Bitcoin is not decentralized but decentralised
Libre Music from the Commons

Dr Kap, as he is universally known, is a leading Speciality Doctor in Emergency Medicine and is the UK Community Ambassador to the Particl Project/Foundation. His interests include Emergency Medicine, Business Management, Arts, Geopolitics, Emerging Currency Markets and Distributed Ledger Technologies. He is also the MD of artradio, a creative social network that enables artists worldwide to share their work, see more at www.artradio.tv

Dr Kap is contactable through Twitter, LinkedIn, at particl.io or via hello@decentralize.today

Enjoy the podcast, more next week!

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