We are delighted to announce that we are joining forces with Dr Kapil Amarasinghe to bring you an episode (or two) of his podcast, The Part-Time Show, every Sunday.

This week's broadcast 'Technology always trumps politics' looks, rather topically, at how current election technologies are essentially redundant or obsolete and therefore both corruptable and challengeable! As a major proponent of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, Dr Kap presents the case for the adoption of more progressive technology including biometric IDs as a way to ensure security, freedom of speech, transparency of representation and inclusivity of and in the election process.

"Technology doesn't care who you are, where you're from or what you believe"

Believe me, this is 9 minutes well spent!

Technology Always Trumps Politics - Blockchain to End Voter Fraud
Libre Music from the Commons

Dr Kap, as he universally known, is a leading Speciality Doctor in Emergency Medicine and is the UK Community Ambassador to the Particl Project/Foundation. His interests include Emergency Medicine, Business Management, Arts, Geopolitics, Emerging Currency Markets and Distributed Ledger Technologies. He is also the MD of artradio, a creative social network that enables artists worldwide to share their work, see more at artradio.tv

Dr Kap is contactable through Twitter, LinkedIn, at particl.io or via hello@decentralize.today

Enjoy the podcast, more next week!

DT footnote: The podcast is downloaded to our own Nextcloud server so no need to worry about trackers, additionally, you can download to your own device or simply press play to listen.

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