Information Networks

In this episode of the Part-Time Show, Dr Kapil Amarasinghe explores the idea of social mobility being linked to physical mobility and the idea that public transport networks function in and serve a similar purpose to social media networks by enabling the flow of people and ideas.

He makes the argument, based broadly on the UK model, that public transport should be free (or significantly less expensive) and how this would improve the economy and culture whilst helping to combat the isolationism that is enabled by many social networks.

"How are you supposed to know anything about what life really is if you're not listening to anyone?"
Information Networks
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Dr Kap, as he universally known, is a leading Speciality Doctor in Emergency Medicine and is the UK Community Ambassador to the Particl Project/Foundation. His interests include Emergency Medicine, Business Management, Arts, Geopolitics, Emerging Currency Markets and Distributed Ledger Technologies. He is also the MD of artradio, a creative social network that enables artists worldwide to share their work, see more at

Dr Kap is contactable through Twitter, LinkedIn, at or via

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