Happy new year and welcome to the Brave New World of DeCommerce

In this episode of The Part-Time Show, Dr Kapil Amarasinghe sat down with Joe Fisher, long-time white label seller, product inventor, and advisor to the Particl project, in February last year to talk about the importance of a more private way to conduct eCommerce in this day and age.

Listen as they go over the modern challenges of selling online and how decentralized and private marketplace solutions can help alleviate these issues and level the playing field for small and large scale merchants alike.

This rerun is of particular interest given the long awaited release within the last 10 days of the Particl Openmarketplace V3 on to the Public Testnet. The future is arriving!

A Chat with Joe Fisher on the Importance of Private eCommerce
Libre Music from the Commons

Dr Kap, as he universally known, is a leading Speciality Doctor in Emergency Medicine and is the UK Community Ambassador to the Particl Project/Foundation. His interests include Emergency Medicine, Business Management, Arts, Geopolitics, Emerging Currency Markets and Distributed Ledger Technologies. He is also the MD of artradio, a creative social network that enables artists worldwide to share their work, see more at www.artradio.tv

Dr Kap is contactable through Twitter, LinkedIn, at particl.io or via hello@decentralize.today

Enjoy the podcast, more next week!

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