Back in 2012 when we first entered crypto, we were attracted to  it because of the decentralized technology and the idea of cutting out  the middleman. Maybe we could succeed in replacing the banking system.

Since  then, a lot has happened and crypto became more than just a currency. Even banks are now using the word Blockchain although none of them fully understand the underlying technology. Bankers! Listen up! It's not a  Blockchain when it's centralized! That is what we call a database! Yet  banks are preparing to build the next Blockchain! Bigger, better,  faster…..and centralized! Because that's the best way to do databases!  Seems they have something to be proud about by maintaining a single  point of failure.

But now Blockchain technology has really  advanced, with smart contracts, verification systems, land registry,  notary services, voting, shopping….the list goes on and on. Dapps,  decentralized applications, will also play a big part in the future.

2018  started pretty much in the red but we at believe  that the second half of this year will see the start of a massive  adoption of decentralized applications. We wrote in the past that during  a bear market, the time is ripe for developers and entrepreneurs to  prepare for the next big phase of adoption. Things can change rapidly in the cryptospace.

Every  week now, sometimes even every day there is another hack. Banks, shopping malls, hotels, card information and social security numbers are  all targets. Valuable data falling into the wrong hands. Now crypto is  bringing solutions to this but there are still flaws, centralized flaws.  The biggest issue is centralized exchanges. Getting hacked every single  day, one in Korea, one in Japan, one in Europe, the US, Canada. Decentralized assets are easily stolen from a central point of failure.

This is where DEX come in. Decentralized exchanges are the next logical step  for adoption and kicking out the middleman. One project which will  certainly make waves in the DEX and crypto world will be

In their own words: What makes unique? Imagine having the speed, ease of use and the UI of a  centralized exchange with all the security advantages of a decentralized  one. That is
It is really time to decentralize.
For  crypto trading to flourish, we need a truly decentralized exchange that's easy to use. Centralized exchanges are the weakest link in the  chain and chains are only as strong as their weakest link.

We have mentioned Ark before in a few articles. This is a system where your grandmother can  create her own blockchain-based token, when the bar next door can create  their reward program with it, when the man in the street can easily  create his own vision with one click. This is where innovation starts!

Particl is another project which powers the vision of Satoshi with its crypto agnostic Marketplace! It is a project just like Amazon but it accepts  every coin and every token. This is where Blockchain is being used at  its best!

But back to the ranting fools.

Since 2012 whenever  we had a chance, we talked about crypto. We got people excited,  introducing many to Bitcoin, Ark, Part and to the best projects.  Projects not just driven by marketing but by innovation from the team  behind them. Some of the people who joined 2–3 years ago are in massive  profits, even taking into account the bad start to this year. Yet  instead of texting daily how are you or thanks for bringing me into  crypto, we get texts complaining about the bad projects we got them  involved with. They say " great tech but no idea when it comes to PR on  twitter and social media. Other projects are going up 20x in a day!" So  now the ungrateful fools are appearing, making 50x or more on their  investment back is not good enough for them anymore. Seems they are now  more attracted to projects with zero tech but massive ICO promises,  those spending money on exchanges, on marketing and at the end of the  day projects which will give crypto a bad name.

Look at EOS! Not exactly a smooth start was it? The entire project is centralized yet they made a shitload on the ICO and then spend it on marketing!  These are the kind of projects that the fools should be crying about.

Well  friends, it's not like that. Those "shit projects" we got you into are  sound and have great tech and they will ultimately be the winners over  those massive ICO launches. The ICO's which are now having a hard time  to explain themselves to the SEC, with their "money first, massive PR  and perhaps tech later" attitude. What a sloppy way to do business! Tech  should be the main priority before any PR kicks in. No, being a ranting  fool is not what drives crypto. It is the tech behind it. Just like  Bitcoin and Ethereum which were not just driven by marketing but used adoption to get the word out., decentralized exchanges and  dapps will create permanent changes in 2018. The coins which put tech  first and PR later will be the true winners.

Now, to all the  ranting fools out there, stop complaining and get on Twitter, get on Facebook and promote those sound projects which you say don't know  anything about marketing. These projects are decentralized so you can  join in and help to get the word out. That will drive the price you are  so keen about.

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