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Few have grasped the magnitude and inevitability of Bitcoin in such a brief period of time.  Fewer still have been able to explain the current monetary environment to a wide audience with such ease and clarity.  

Michael Saylor is the Richard Feynman of Bitcoin.


Speaking to @RealVision, Saylor laid out his concerns with the current rate of monetary expansion:  "I came to the horrifying conclusion that I’m sitting on a $500M ice cube that’s melting. It’s melting at 6% in a good year. Then you realize this year it’s melting at 25%."

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In an interview with @KeithMcCullogh, Saylor cautions against financial models that fail to account for the adoption of new networks:  “What happens if 10 billionaires decide to buy $1B of bitcoin each and announce it…all of your models are destroyed, completely devastated.“

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In a brief tweet on Feb 5th, Saylor offers bitcoin as a system of measurement, due to its perfect scarcity.   Bitcoin is now the most precise method we have for measuring value across time.

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In a interview with @Scaramucci for @SALTConference:  “The entire thing is like a massive monetary battery.. I can take $100m of monetary energy, put it into the Bitcoin network and it will sit there for as long as you can imagine with zero power loss.”

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Speaking with @APompliano, Saylor describes the network effects of dematerializing something fundamental:  ”There's never been an example of a $100b dollar monster digital network that was vanquished once it got to that dominant position.  Bitcoin is the monetary network."

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