How many articles have I seen like this one on Medium over the past few weeks? They are all nonsense as there is "no privacy" and some  people are too dumb to actually try and use privacy tools.

I've  had a theory for a long time, and I keep thinking I'm right. Let's take  Facebook as an example! Everyone uses Facebook. Well, not everyone, as I  don't! But most of my friends do, and they say everyone is on it so  it's hard to convince them to use something else. People may say they  use an OpenVPN, a SmartDNS or TOR and think that they are smart. But it  screams out that they are dumb!

Here is why:

You are as "privacy protected" with your TOR and OpenVPN
connection  as you are with your weakest link, and that nice lady you were hitting  on on Facebook doesn't give a shit about her privacy so perhaps she will  tag you when you had coffee at her place?

People use privacy tools which are convenient and easy, plus they use the ones which their friends also have.
Here is something some of you might never have thought of. If you go away  from Facebook and that chick likes you, maybe she gets a protected  messaging system? Just for you! So what about your best friends? Get  them away from Facebook as well so that they can chat with you securely.

Now that was what I call a short rant!

But honestly, for every freaking product that you use and run the risk of being exposed, there is a privacy tool for it!

For  example, use Signal instead of relying upon Facebook Messenger. Sure, Google is still involved if you are using an android phone. However, if  you have removed Google from your android, now we are really talking!  For texting, use Silence which is signal based, fully open source and no  Google. Consider also to use Threema as it works like a charm and no  Google account is required.

For communicating online, take a look at and also (a badass communication tool).

Since  most people want to have the convenience of using a phone on the go,  there are plenty more tools out there. I could be simplistic and say  just buy a Nokia 3310 and skip your smartphone all together. But please  do go online with only an OpenVPN and/or TOR. Just a small start to  protect your computer and your browser.

Here are some useful links:

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The question is, are you ready?

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