Voyeuristic musings for a lazy pandemic-curtailed Sunday and the rise of the 'fakeation'...

With the entire world is partial or complete lockdown, holidays are most likely taking place on your own balcony (Balconia). However, that doesn't necessarily have to be the case according to some creative minds in Timbuktu! Yes! Timbuktu! The city in Mali...situated some 20 kilometers north of the Niger River...on the edge of the Sahara...desert...sandy streets...long & deep history...Sahelian cultural mix? Yes, that Timbuktu!

So imagine you're drinking tea in 'Balconia' and you want to send some postcards to your friends and family? Well, how about you push it out a bit and get them sent a postcard from a place that was a regional trade hub in medieval times and has a name that goes down well wherever you are or are from?

An American-Malian couple have come up with a lockdown business idea that involves sending out hand written postcards from Timbuktu! Ali Nialy, who was for a long time a tourist guide in Timbuktu, will send the card for you! For just $10 you can make your family and friends go like "A postcard? From who? And from where?" They surely won't have seen that coming!

Now, how exactly does a postcard from Timbuktu reach your friends? Well you order it here:

Postcards from Timbuktu
Send a postcard from Timbuktu to anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, they weren't accepting any cryptocurrencies when we connected with them but they are now...just BTC, but! hey! it's a start! After choosing one of the postcards on the page, a moped driver takes it to the local airport, where the UNO troops take their mail, after which it is transported to the capital city of Bamako and from there the card should reach it's destination within 1-2 weeks, depending on how good your mail service or how badly impacted by Covid it might be!

This story is just is one of the many great short stories that we see as people get creative during the transition to the 'new normal'!

Stay safe and, perhaps, send a postcard from Timbuktu, if you get a minute!

Advance notice: Next Thursday, we'll be running a travel related piece by Steven Miller on 'Safe commuting in the post pandemic era'

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