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Marc Andrew@marcrjandrew

Maybe you're new to #bitcoin, or maybe you're tired of stale views and need some fresh takes.

I've spent well over 1,000 hours pouring through them.

Let me save you some time.

Here are 10 deeply informative sources of bitcoin content:

Marc Andrew@marcrjandrew

Top of the list is @TheBitcoinLayer by @timevalueofbtc and @JoeConsorti.

It's a paid sub (only one on list), but Nik and Joe's blend of macro and what it means for bitcoin is the best I've seen.

So many get sensational - these guys are measured... The Bitcoin Layer The Bitcoin Layer is a premium markets research provider, covering bitcoin through a global macro lens | Markets, Research, Analysis. Click to read The Bitcoin Layer, a Substack publication with tens...

Marc Andrew@marcrjandrew

There are two top-flight podcasts in bitcoin:

The first on the list is @WhatBitcoinDid by @PeterMcCormack.

Peter is gracious, balanced, insightful without ever being overbearing.

He also challenges bitcoin's received wisdom. What Bitcoin Did - The #1 Bitcoin Podcast Listen to Interviews with leaders in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies with Peter McCormack & What Bitcoin Did.

Marc Andrew@marcrjandrew

The other front-rank podcast is @PrestonPysh's.

Preston is an informed deep value investor and it shows.

His tweets can get mildly excitable but his show doesn't.

Terrific style and the most soothing manner in bitcoin Bitcoin Fundamentals: A Podcast on Bitcoin - The Investor's Podcast Network Bitcoin Fundamentals is a collection of bitcoin podcast episodes hosted by Preston Pysh on The Investor's Podcast Network's We Study Billionaires.

Marc Andrew@marcrjandrew

The next source is a website:

Best, most complete dashboard of current metrics, in combination with an ongoing series of articles from @BitcoinMagazine.

Often a hard site to stay away from. Bitbo | Bitcoin Price Ticker Live Dashboard (Real-Time)View live price action, monitor on-chain data, and track key economic indicators - all for free.

Marc Andrew@marcrjandrew

One of the daily emails I absolutely always open is The Daily Bitcoiner.

@coryklippsten was writing these, but I believe @samcallah has taken over.

It's an awesome, always informative note - often timely, sometimes historic.

I love it.

Sub here: The Daily Bitcoiner One curated piece of Bitcoin content each day. Only the highest quality articles, podcasts, and videos make the cut. Click to read The Daily Bitcoiner, a Substack publication with tens of thousands...

Marc Andrew@marcrjandrew

This list obviously isn't complete without @LynAldenContact's work.

You know her on Twitter but make sure to get her monthly email, too:

lynalden.comLyn Alden Get investment strategies, updates on changing market conditions, and specific investment ideas. Join now!

Marc Andrew@marcrjandrew

I'm no libertarian citadel guy.

When I was first getting my bearings amid y'all one group spoke to me most powerfully.

Thanks to @rettlerb, @resistancemoney, @craigwarmke and @thetrocro for all the work that's gone into Resistance Money.

BIG ideas: Resistance Money — a bitcoin research collective

Marc Andrew@marcrjandrew

I'm such a fan of the orgs enabling bitcoin's potential in their geographies.

The best I've seen at that is the TXBitcoinFound, who belong on this list for their intro of the @Satoshipapers, which is set to be a highlight of '23.

Kudos, The Satoshi Papers: Political Economy after Bitcoin The Satoshi Papers is the inaugural volume of an academic journal dedicated to exploring the implications of bitcoin for political economy in the United States and beyond. Published by the Texas...

Marc Andrew@marcrjandrew

In the same vein but national is @btcpolicyorg, set up @DavidZell_ and @grant_mccarty.

All of their research listed here.

They've a deeply influential set of policy fellows involved.

Marc Andrew@marcrjandrew

And lastly! @joenakamato because he seems a terrific dude with a heartfelt mission... and I also only just discovered and it is awesome.

Check this out if you haven't.

Marc Andrew@marcrjandrew

That's it!

10 sources of #bitcoin content that will fill your head (and heart).

I didn't include the big outlets here because you all know about them.

Grateful if folks add other suggestions below.

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