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Cano@Hermetics_I'm not a #BitcoinMaximalist anymore.

The space is full of ideology and lies.

They made a religion around a piece of software.

A Thread.


Maximalists tell you that their priority is to seperate money from state, but if they are honest to themselves, the most of them just want to be dead rich.

They trully believe that it is the hardest money ever created, they are totally convinced it will hit millions in 10 years.


Maybe it will, I don't know, but we would have 95% less maxis if you would take away the dream of getting rich.

Imagine you could see the future of Bitcoin and you would see that it will never hit it's all time high again.

Would you still put all of your savings in it?


While maxis made a divine money out of BTC, Nick Szabo - most likely the creator of it - is in fact not a maxi.

Just read his tweets about Monero.

XMR is a perfect sample to show how ideologistic maxis are:

You can often read that Bitcoin is the only crypto which is decentral.


If you see such a tweet, you sometimes see a comment like "what about monero?".

Maxis usually don't answer to this, because they don't like the truth:

Monero is also decentral, had no pre-sale and has no CEO.

Almost every argument for Bitcoin fits perfectly on Monero.


If you care about privacy, XMR is in fact way better than Bitcoin.

There is a good reason why cybercriminals are using XMR more than BTC these days.

I'm not a XMR maxi now, because my concerns about BTC would fit on XMR also, but I just want to show that you can substitute BTC.


If you don't believe me, do your research.

In fact, it was the XMR community which showed me how ideologistic I was thinking about BTC.

"There is only BTC, the rest are shitcoins".


Again, no CEO behind XMR, no pre-sale, community driven, even the mining is decentral.


Yes, there are theorotical arguments against XMR on technical level, and Bitcoin maxis love to use them, but there are theoretical arguments against Bitcoin too.

But they just ignore them all or think they are answered already.


You often hear that BTC is the better gold because of the amount of BTC is limited.

"They will mine gold on asteroids, thus gold will be worth nothing".

Yes, maybe in the future we'll mine in space, but gold has a characteristic which bitcoin will never have: it is real.


It exists in the physical realm.

It existed for billions of years and will exist for billions of years.

Can you say the same for BTC?

If you ask maxis, they would say: "Yes, BTC will exist forever! It's the first and last connection from digital world into the physical world!


"Tik tok next block for all eternity!"


Do you really believe BTC exists in the physical world only because it is backed by physical energy?

Come on guys.

Apart from that, let's see if BTC is as secure as gold.


I'm a nobody with little knowledge, and yet even I could think about those scenarios.

If only 1 of them is possible, then BTC is not absolutely secure.

Then you should consider to not put your whole life savings into Bitcoin.


1. What if an AI or quantum computer finds a super fast way to check all possible private keys for btc balance?

2. What if governments put all known core devs in jail and hunt the others?

Because they consider Bitcoin as a threat for the financial stability of the whole world?


3. What if Lightning fails because some problems turns out to not solvable?

I'm not a developer, but if Lightning developer like René Pickhard tell us that there are big problems with Lightning which are unsolved yet, then it's true I think.

Is a BTC Standard even possible then?


4. What if someone persuaded most node operators to fork?

Is that really impossible?

Imagine sha256 gets cracked, you would need a hard fork so.

Which update would you trust?

What, if the person or group you trust secretly adds something to the code to destroy the network?


5. What if a sunstorm happens which destroys all electronic on the planet?

Maxis always say "we would have other problems then".

Sure, but millions or billions would still survive and there would be a world after that.

Could BTC survive such an event?

Gold would for sure.


6. What if a blackout happens which lasts for months?

How much worth would be your physical Bitcoin in such a hard time, and how much gold or even cash?

7. What if the richest countries ban Bitcoin?

8. What if governments forbid corporations to build ASICs?


All of these questions can be summed up to this question: Is the survival of Bitcoin really as secure as gold's? Sorry, but I doubt it. Until last week I really believed that the existence of a software is as safe as a chemical element.


The difference is, the risk of a black swan event which could hit BTC is significantly higher than a black swan event which could hit gold.

BTC is something new, who knows which technologies we will have in 100 years that could threaten the existence of it.


I mean, plebs didn't even saw ordinals/inscriptions coming, a clear black swan event (unless you were the developers).

Out of fear, big names immediately called for censorship.

Why this fear if you are so convinced nothing can fuck the network?


If I stack gold, I don't have such concerns.

Maxis argue that the state can take your gold away from you, but they actually know that the state never, ever has the capacity to search every citizen's home for gold.


I had put everything I have in bitcoin.

So far it has been a good decision, and it will certainly be a good decision to keep some of my wealth in it.

Because I see it as a pretty low risk investment with high chances of huge returns.

But the solution for everything?


I'm glad I haven't spent too many years with Bitcoin and my work has nothing to do with it.

Because if it had, I would have invested so much in the coin (not just money) that I would never admit to myself that the whole thing can definitely go wrong.


Man has never produced anything perfect.

Why should Bitcoin be any different?

Be realistic, stay humble, don't just stack sats, stack other things too and the most important:

There are nobler goals than being right about something or getting rich.

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