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udiverse 3.0 (@udiWertheimer)
can someone explain to me what is the disagreement between @PrestonPysh and @mcuban mark agrees that bitcoin is a store of value and that its value will go up he seems unsure on whether or not the el salvador experiment will succeed, which is reasonable so what’s the issue

can someone explain to me what is the disagreement between @PrestonPysh and @mcuban

mark agrees that bitcoin is a store of value and that its value will go up

he seems unsure on whether or not the el salvador experiment will succeed, which is reasonable so what’s the issue

feels like the panel is trying to get mark to hate everything on coinmarketcap that isn’t bitcoin but why why is that a goal the guy agrees with you on almost everything

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanShitcoinery I guess 🤷‍♂️

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanIssue is mark is pumping shitcoin

Vasco da Alpha
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanhe likes other memes

Josh Solinger
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanIt seems like people in that discussion really hate hearing the skepticism.

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanHe said dog coin was fun

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanExactly what we are all trying to figure out rn

gzm (🎩, 🎩)
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanBTC circlejerk is weird af

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanEveryone who isn't 100% on board all-in is the enemy.

Lol remember nazis .. rhymes with maxis

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanoMg wHy aRe yOu ShIlLiNg dOgE mARc!

Marky Mark (Not rich- (poor)) 🍵
Replying to @udiWertheimer @mcubanThe issue is his eyes and ears are open and @PrestonPysh ‘s aren’t the way I see it..

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanIt sounds like he is challenging the premise that interference from central banks is destined for failure? At this point, I don’t think he actually believes what he’s saying as much as he is playing devil’s advocate.

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh@mcuban arguments are just a laugh, nothing personal against him but he is trying to make a point that bitcoin isn't unique and he is using bullshit arguments.

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanThe issue is toxic bitcoin maximalism as usual

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanDO A SPACES

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanMaxis think it’s a usable medium of exchange and store of value at the same time. Mark says greatest global SOV only

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanMaxis want total embrace of the hyper bitcoinization scenario and repudiation of non-bitcoin crypto

🧛🏻‍♂️ Chief Keefing Officer
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanCuban doesn’t seem to think that Bitcoin can be both an sov AND medium of exchange, and Preston does, … maybe

Celsian Latino 🇸🇻🇲🇽 (El/Sat/₿itcoin)
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanThey are speaking mindlessly. No aim just talk.

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanIt seems like they’re just having a who has a bigger dick contest

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanhe agrees its good and likes it but hes not a maxi so hes satan

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanI kind of agree that $BTC is just a store of value and that anyone who uses it as currency is not really getting the most out of it. Like what is all the pennies you have might be worth $10 in a year. Would you want to be using them for shot that costs pennies now?

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanBro he used the classic maxi line - "You just don't know bitcoin, you haven't done the 'hard' work". Gave me a good chuckle

Douglas Martin
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanOriginal topic was Marks “approval” of Dogecoin, but whole convo has gone off the rails since then. I’m just sitting and enjoying the shit show, like I assume most are.😂🍿

Mister Mistery
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanHe was wrong to pump dogecoin and then say he only owned $500 in the end. He went HARD on it. Other than that he is in on bitcoin, just not a maxi. There's no fault with that at all

Jonathan Galea
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanNever understood the "Bitcoin only" mantra myself. Bitcoin is unrivaled in what it represents, and it is the only true form of decentralised money. Its strength lies in its simplicity. However, financial innovation is taking place on other chains, and that is important too.

You just explained the bitcoin only mantra yourself. Some people are only here for what bitcoin represents, what’s wrong with that?

Cryptic Life
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanBut lets not forget the 1 remittance issue that #BTC is solving in El Salvador. That was worth a mention.

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanBTC maxis on such a high fucking horse. Grating to the ears.

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanHey udi I know you werent a speaker on the cuban spaces. But just wanted to point out that you still won again. Dennis single handedly chased off 1000 potential new entrants. Again.

Jaswinder Singh
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanI think he said that it can’t be used for day to day transactions. Also that the generation of Bitcoin is not organic. Govt has to but it to distribute it to the citizens.

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanMostly Ego is the issue IMO

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanWhy didn't you join and ask them all yourself. I'm sure they would've let you speak

Knight Morty ⚛️🌖
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanWe’re so early. Majority has just swollen the BTC pill. Next lvl is to understand that DLT is disrupting HOW people and communities interact and do business #TokeneconomyMC gets it, simple minds don’t and need to wait for their influencer to think for them

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanThe biggest problem maxis have is they fully support taxable, Taliban Blackhawk funding, slave-wage fiat labor to stack sats while denouncing unregulated income (specifically GameFi,) that doesn't have the restrictions, red tape, taxation, or bureaucracy govt fiat does

Winston Smith
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanIt's always been about the misleading off young retail. They will be the ones left holding the bags.

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanCuban says dogecoin is bein' accepted but are doges being stored and not converted to USD by the payment processors I don't think so

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanCuban also argues by asking how does one get the BTC used on LN, how does he pay cash/bank/card? How is that created where does he get it from doesn't matter if its not Scarce and Delfationary and backed by nothing except by monetary and fiscal policy regulators Trust

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanIt’s nothing to do with that. Cuban refuses that bitcoin the settlement network (not the asset) can settle value instantly at low cost and attempts to gaslight by saying bitcoin (the asset) is a poor medium of exchange. He backed a different horse and now being disingenuous

Cuban also doesn’t understand the the cost inherent to mining bitcoin is a feature not a bug. He says coins like SLP which are able to be created out of thin air are more organically distributed to the communities. He just hasn’t done the work

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanMaximalism is toxic, they've cultivated a belief in the singularity of Bitcoin rather than the gravity of blockchain.. Mark clearly thinks peoples interests have more importance than the belief in Bitcoin and Bitcoin only. Maxis have toxic beliefs out of good intentions. IMHO

// A N O N //
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanOkay so that’s way too rational. We need to dance around the issue while we have a lot of dick sucking and name calling for everyone in the spaces to inflate their own egos

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubansuch cringe fest compared to your debates my lovely

Bitcoin Monk
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanSounds like you have a big bag of doge to unload!

BullyXBT.ETH 🎩
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanMark got rugged on a buttdixkhead ponzi he dont know what tf he is talking about. Years behind the crowd. Bags get dumped on his head. Fiat rich pleb

Johnny BeeTC
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanCuban is not coherent. He's also wrong about some basic facts. He doesn't think gold relies on trust. So none of what he is saying makes any sense.

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanMark Cuban is incoherent and babbling. I'm having a difficult time understanding what is point even is.

Nir Hunting-ניר.btc - will never DM anyone.
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanBeing StuPYSH

Morituri te salutant
Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanMaxis want total commitment. They are the Taliban of the space. They think people who don't get btc are subhuman. Dehumanization of the opponent is classic to all cults, like nazism etc..

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcuban1. 🍌 > $BTC 2. Touts his first DeFi investment on Twitter, gets rugged, calls for Govmt regulation to protect him 3. Ignores Lightning and data in El Salvador 4. Knows little but claims to know everything about Bitcoin 5. Shitcoiner who promoted DOGE

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcuban@udiWertheimer Can you go to El Salvador in Starbucks or Mcdonalds and pay with Doge or Solana or ETH or amazon gift card? No, you can not! Either dollars or bitcoin on ln which makes it MOE at least in El Salvador

Replying to @udiWertheimer @PrestonPysh @mcubanEl Salvador has a few million people using Bitcoin and receiving remittances. Mark seems like he has spent little time learning about Bitcoin in El Salvador. He could take a plane down to ES and buy McDonald's or Starbucks with some Bitcoin to be more sure. No dd has been done.

Leah Jonas
Replying to @udiWertheimerSame here! Meanwhile,The market on a grand scale is still at its infancy, use this opportunity to properly navigate the crypto market while maximizing steady profits. Now I’ve got some ideas and strategies I could share with you, so if you’re interested just drop a dm :)

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