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Jon Guidry (@guidryjd)
Vintage Computing, Mac user, Gluten-Free, Telecom geek. Autism/Disability advocate. Libertarian; my opinions are my own.

@TMobileHelp What the hey?  Why are you keeping us from using @Apple ‘s #icloud private relay?

@9to5mac Looks like @TMobile USA is also blocking #icloud Public Relay.  I’m a former Sprint user.

Here’s what it shows when you click the “Learn More”

T-Mobile Help (@TMobileHelp)
T-Force = Customer service gurus: billing trailblazers: tech scholars: Un-carrier fanatics: wireless experts. Proudly serving Sprint, now part of T-Mobile.

We are here to assist! Send us a DM and we'd be happy to dig right into this with you and make sure your access is 100% 👍 ^LeighBradford

Blue Sky
Why don't you answer for all to see - this is not an account specific question. I'm really tired of T-Mobile losing data and selling what data they are able to get from web browsing.

Michael Urwin
Replying to @guidryjd @TMobileHelp @AppleLooks like @TMobile hates privacy. Looks like it might be time to switch it up.

Critical Matter
Replying to @guidryjd @TMobileHelp @AppleIf this isn't a mistake and @TMobile doesn't allow iCloud Private Relay, you can kiss our 5 lines goodbye

Nick Stehle
Replying to @guidryjd @TMobileHelp @AppleWow, @TMobile. Horrible decision. @Verizon here is your chance to take a lot of customers who care about privacy

Ah, yes. Verizon — the network that just this year brought you Verizon Custom Experience and Custom Experience Plus. Known staunch defender of internet privacy.

Aaron Lopez
Replying to @guidryjd @TMobileHelp @AppleNow it time it switch. Because @TMobile  doesn't care about any ones privacy which is bs

Replying to @guidryjd @TMobileHelp @AppleIf this is true, I’m 100% switching. I’ve been looking for reasons, this is enough to get me to leave.

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