Not everyone cares about privacy in the same way and that's ok, you don't need to. I've had a few rants on here and elsewhere about the “nothing to hide” argument. Do you have curtains?  Do you close your bathroom door etc?

Many people even understand the privacy issues we are facing today. They know Google and Facebook collect their data, as do multiple advertising companies, and yes, they also sell your data to others. The Cambridge Analytica situation might also have opened the eyes and minds of many others...and if you haven't heard of them and have access to a Netflix account then watch The Great Hack.

But many people are still using the “nothing to hide” excuse with some even extrapolating that to “they already know everything about me, so I don't need to change”!

Frequently, privacy concerned people are seen or portrayed as weirdos, nuts or misfits or even as having some criminality to hide. Yet when you see someone wearing a hoodie or a thick coat you don't always think weirdo or criminal, you probably genuinely think that person is cold and so wears it to protect themselves. In today's world we wear masks thanks to a horrifying pandemic, again, in context, people don't automatically assume that that person is either sick or nuts, simply that they are, in fact, just protecting themselves.

The same thing happens when privacy focused people use a VPN or DNS, use Linux and don't chat on Facebook Messenger or upload cat pictures (forgive me, I have no idea what people actually do on Facebook but from all the circulating chat I assume it's for cats).

Data is valuable and you can do a few simple things to make obtaining yours just a little bit harder. Start by downloading Signal to replace WhatsApp or Messenger. If your friends, family and colleagues don't have the 30 seconds needed to download Signal and follow you then I guess you can question how much they really care! Put them on the spot and say I will leave WhatsApp and/or Messenger on the 30th of this month and here's my Signal account if you want to find me!

As more and more people are waking up and making the move away from Facebook and Google so the harder it becomes for them to collect our data. The less data they have on you, the less accurately they can target becomes a 'virtuous feedback loop".

Now thinking about this in the bigger picture, if you take your family and friends away from these services then slowly but surely, step by step, if their friends and famiy do the same, this will cost Big Tech billions in lost revenue and the world will become less manipulated.

Ensuring and enforcing privacy can change the world of data collecting as we knowit. No one expects you to use a GrapheneOS based cellphone (the irony here is that it's a Google phone from which you can get you more privacy, which is just bizarre on several levels). No one expects you to give up reading tweets or watching YouTube videos. Yet you can make a difference, just a few simple things to do including using an encrypted DNS, using Signal and replacing WhatsApp and Facebook as well as Messenger, perhaps watch YouTube videos on Invidious or NewPipe (Android), sign out of Google, even better ungoogle your life completely.

You can still use a Samsung or an iPhone, you don’t need to become a paranoid, tinfoil hat wearing individual but you can make a change and thereby make a difference and it is the small things that will get you started. You can always adjust afterwards. You don’t live in a glasshouse, and the few who do surely have curtains and then if not, they are the weirdos we need to look out for, but then again, they're easy to spot!

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