On June 10, the German governing coalition passed a law to use Trojan software (called Staatstrojaner - Statetrojan) on its citizens without the need for them to be under strong suspicion.

This law has passed with 355 Yes votes (232 of those by the CDU/CSU) with 0 No votes from the party, 123 Yes votes by the SPD, with 5 no votes, 3 undecided. All remaining parties (AfD, FDP, Die Linke, B90/Gruene and no party) voted fully against this.

Deutscher Bundestag - Namentliche Abstimmungen

This gives the German intelligence services significant surveillance power. This also includes all software updates needing to go through the German intelligence agencies for them to integrate spyware.

This means the German intelligence service has the authority to use the so called State-Trojans to source telecommunication surveillance, which means they can also use this to read encrypted communications, like Signal, Threema, Tutanota, Protonmail etc. at source.

The law not only allows them to read all future communications of a person, but also all their existing 'stored on device' communications. This approach is worrying, for security as well as for privacy.

Before the new legislation was introduced, telecomms and post companies were required to provide specific data on request about a suspect. Now with these new laws telecommunication companies are now required to allow access to all devices which allows the intelligence agencies to apply the State's Trojan software thereby allow the rerouting of all communications.

The problem doesn't end there, every German-run government service, is also affected. Which leaves us with the question, what's next? Australia has something similar in place, is this war on Privacy intensifying? Will it soon be illegal to even have privacy, will 1984 be more than just a novel?

As we've mentioned in our Orwell Part one EXPOSED! The Stasi (Stats Sicherheit Dienst) like surveillance is back, the sad part is not just with Google, Amazon and co, but also within Germany! The wall has fallen, but 1984 is closer than anyone was expecting!

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