This week, we are launching our revamped site which we believe is  more user friendly and which we know is even more privacy friendly than ever before.

A lot of our design changes are at the backend but  the net impact is to ensure that we get our articles and features out  to you in a more timely and digestible fashion.

We have also  upgraded our content submission process to include an encrypted (PGP)  email option whilst continuing to employ our regular email service plus  adding Telegram, Riot and Threema based drop-off options. None of these  will require any pre-registration, can be anonymous (if you so chose)  and we'll accept your articles in the form that suits you best.

We  have streamlined our categories to cover the vast majority of the  topics we know you want to read about but are always open to content  that is relevant, different and interesting. We are keen to engage with  writers from any corner of the globe and from every area of the  decentralized, privacy respecting future!

And by using our  new comments & feedback system, you can join the conversation and  fuel the debate around our articles and key topics.

Keep an eye out for our regular features and one major addition as you seek out your daily dose of decentraliztion.

Tweetstorm – expect more coverage of tweet storms as we scour Twitter for the best  of the online sparring that keeps us all entertained and informed.

21 Questions – our quick and easy insight interviews with eclectic and interesting characters from around the ecosystem.

Daily Dose – an occasional series of news articles touching on business and governmental developments impacting the world of cryptocurrency

Social Media – sign up and follow us on Twitter and/or Mastodon and check out our RSS feed when on the site

Messaging groups – sign up with us on Telegram and/or Riot to receive regular updates on DT news and features and engage with fellow travelers

And coming very soon The DT Privacy Cookbook, which  aims to be the 'one-stop' guide to all things tech and privacy. An easy  to use encyclopedia of ways to take back your privacy on the internet.  We'll be sharing our insights and setups in order to help everyone,  regardless of how tech savvy they may or may not be, to secure their  devices, data and communications.

Enjoy our new design  as we continue to deliver a daily dose of decentralisation and a side of  privacy directly to you, wherever you are........and please all  feedback is gratefully received.

​And remember........the future won't be centralized!

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